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Quantum Healing - A Super Placebo? A randomised controlled study in patients with affective problems: Manuela Pietza, Harald Walach & Stefan Schmidt

 Abstract: This study assessed the effectiveness of “quantum healing”, a method belonging to “energy psychology” approaches. 123 patients from psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and orthopaedic outpatient clinics who were on waiting lists were randomised to either one session of “quantum healing” or waiting. Patients presented with various affective disorders, pain and somatoform disorders. Measures were Brief Symptom Index (BSI), the general health question of the EQ5D, a well-known German language well-being questionnaire, as well as an individualised scaling method (MYMOP) before, immediately after treatment and 12 weeks later. The interventions lead to a significant improvement of symptoms, wellbeing and general health perception compared to pre-treatment and compared to control groups. Between-group effect sizes ranged from d=0.9-2.0, documenting strong and lasting effects. We conclude that “quantum healing” constitutes an effective short-term therapy. The mechanisms, however, remain opaque, and most likely it is a powerful method to induce self-healing or placebo responses.
Key Words: Energy Psychology, Quantum Healing, Randomised Controlled Study, Placebo, Affective Disorders

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