Special Issues

We are extremely proud to present an 'Extra Special Issue' on "Mindfulness & Psychotherapy" 

This was our very 1st e-issue (available in PDF format only) - July, 2016

Please download the 'light version' free-of-charge here.
There is also a full version now available for €15.00 
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Extra Special Issue, 2016

A Special On-going, On-line Special Issue on 'PSYCHOTHERAPY vs. SPIRITUALITY'
is also available now here.

The first 4 articles have been published in the March 2017 issue (Vol. 21, No. 1) and are now published on-line here. The next four articles are being published in the July 2018 issue (Vol. 22, No. 2).  
Other articles will follow: All will be available as soon as they have been published.

Dear Friends, dear Colleagues, dear Professionals, dear Readers and Subscribers

We are sending out an open invitation - hopefully to invite some various of you to get together and collect a number of contributions on a particular topic that we hope might go to make up a future 'Special Issue' of the International Journal of Psychotherapy.

There has already been:

  • a Special Issue on 'Psychotherapy and the Internet' (July 2006: Vol. 10, No. 2);
  • a Special Issue on 'Different Approaches to Depression' (July 2009: Vol. 13, No. 2);
  • a Special Issue on 'R.D. Laing: 50 years after The Divided Self'' (July 2011: Vol. 15, No. 2); expanded into a book and published by PCCS Books here;
  • a Special Issue on 'Roberto Assagioli & Psychosynthesis' (July 2012: Vol. 16, No. 2); 
  • a Special Issue on 'Existential Psychotherapy' (March 2015, Vol. 19, No. 1); 

An 'Extra Special Issue' on 'Mindfulness & Psychotherapy'
Our 1st e-issue (in PDF format only) - July, 2016

  • a Special Issue on 'Psychodrama Psychotherapy' - (July 2017, Vol. 21, No. 2);
  • and ... well, we shall see, please read on.

So, we are currently in the process of collecting papers for:

  • a Special Issue on 'Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy' - hopefully to be published in 2019 , with Biljana van Rijn as the Guest Editor: Please contact her here.

  • a Special Issue on 'Transgenerational Trauma' - hopefully to be published in 2020 with Steve Olween as Guest Editor: Please contact him here.

We are also considering several possibilities for the future, which may include:

  • A Special Issue on 'Humanistic Psychotherapy'
  • A Special Issue on 'Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

  • And we would also be happy to consider Special Issues on (topics such as): ... 'Psychotherapy & Psychosis'; ... 'Gestalt Psychotherapy'; ... 'Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis Today'; ... 'Techniques in Psychotherapy'; ... 'Psychotherapy & Children; etc.
  • We are also open to other suggestions for Special Issues: e.g. (something like) ... 'Psychotherapy in Africa' - coming out of the (2014) World Congress in South Africa - or something similar.

If the thought of collaborating with us and with colleagues on a 'Special Issue' on any of these topics interests you, then please submit some ideas for such an issue, with suggestions for possible articles,  various authors, and (most importatly) a suggestion for a Guest Editor for that issue: someone with an interest in collecting and helping to collate and edit articles for such a Special Issue.

There is also a possibity of an 'on-line' Special Issue on ' The Place of Psychotherapy in the 21st Century' or 'The Next Hundred Years of Psychotherapy' - or something similar, for more details, see here.