IJP Editorial Board News

IJP Editorial Board News - February, 2018: Vienna

We met again in Vienna, with not just a few more people present but with quite a good turn-out, with our Executive Editor Alicja Heyda (present by skype) as well as our Assistant Editor, Marzena Rusanowska present as well. (She is now a fully-qualified 'Doctor' of Psychology and also now living in Bristol, UK). Seven other members of the Editorial Board were present, as well as four 'observers'.

We really need need someone to take on the 'task' of getting us properly indexed (again), as this process seems to get easily stalled and is also quite obfuscated by the various indexing bodies: Scopus, PsycInfor, SSCI, PubMed, etc.
We have developed adequate publishing 'policies' - but we probably need to be even 'stricter' with (so-called) 'research' articles. Our acceptance rate seems to vary between about 86% to about 60% and - apparently - the lower the better: but we also have a definite 'policy' of providing something of an entrée into the psychotherapy publishing world; so, the balance between 'helping' psychotherapists from an international pool to get published and 'maintaining' a sufficiently high standard of publication is a bit like walking a tightrope over the Niagara Falls: however 'Blondin' did it and so did Wallenda, so it is possible!
We discussed - again - moving towards more of an e-issue, as well as a print copy (+ PDF), but this is a complicated process and we really need someone to take this on as a particular focus. The present 'system' of printing in Lviv, transporting the printed journals to Budapest, and then sending them out by post is becoming increasingly 'strained' to the point of becoming unsustainable. 
This was a good meeting - and ... some of these issues need to be followed up properly.

IJP Editorial Board News - September, 2017: Antwerp

Our most recent meeting went well, but without the presence of several members of the Editorial Board. We 'elected' Enver Cesko to the Editorial Board - something we should have done in Vienna last February: Marzena also came to this meeting - on her way to 'present' her PhD in Warsaw next week: we wish her well. She took the minutes.
In the discussion, we focussed mainly on improving the double-blind, peer-review process - especially for "research" aticles - and particularly where one reviewer has recommended that we don't publish. So - we have devised a new 'system', and now we just need to make sure that it works. 
Courtenay is in contact with Steve Olween about being the Editor of a Special Issue on Transgenerational Trauma; and there are several articles in the 'pipe-line' for the next part of the on-going Special Issue on "Psychotherapy vs Spirituality". This may be done in time for our November 2018 issue, or it may be an on-line Special Issue. 
We also discussed moving - in a transitional way - to becoming more of an Open Access, on-line journal: something that is probably almost inevitable.

IJP Editorial Board News - February, 2017: Vienna

Our Assistant Editor, Marzena Rusanowska, came to this meeting in Vienna. It is the first time that we have had face-to-face contact with her. She was made welcome. The Special Issue on "Psychodrama Psychotherapy" for July 2017 is going ahead well and will be ready for their conference in Sweden in June. We are also working hard to keep up-to-date with the fairly numerous articles coming in.
The first 'part' of the On-line 'Special Issue' on "Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality" was published in the March 2017 issue (Vol. 21, No. 1) and is also now available - free - on-line [top left-hand sidebar on website: "Read Current Online Articles Here"]. We are also publishing articles on-line in advance of the print publication, so they will be available as a "free taster" for a few months.

IJP Editorial Board News - October, 2016: Zagreb 

We managed to produce our first E-issue on "Mindfulness & Psychotherapy" in June. This was in addiition to our 'normal'  3 printed issues p.a. It was a lot of work, especially as it was the first time. It was also sad that the editor for this Special Issue, David Brazier, had not been able to complete the task due to a serious and sudden illness. He is recovering, and we - of course - thank him and wish him well. 

IJP Editorial Board News - February, 2016: Vienna

For the first time, we have produced a balanced budget. Now we just have to make sure that we keep to it! We are working hard towards completing our first e--issue on "Mindfulness & Psychotherapy": this will now become a 4th issue for this year: our 20th Birthday! We are also planning a new Special Issue on "Psychodrama Psychotherapy" for July 2017; and we are also building up an on-line Special Issue on "Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality". 

IJP Editorial Board News - October, 2015: Naples

The IJP Editorial Board met (again) in Naples, Italy. We elected two new members to the Editorial Board: Anna Colgan (Ireland) & Ingrid Pirker-Binder (Austria). We also considered the 'status' of Ivan Kirilov (Russia), who does not now seem to be coming to these meetings: he will be invited to join the IAB.
Various members of the IAB have not given us their details and may therefore be removed (temporarily) from the IAB, so that we can process our application for an Impact Factor. 

There was also an interesting discussion about whether we should be asking the WCP to accept us as one of their "official" journals: as there was a mixed reaction, we 'decided' to present this 'dilemma' to the EAP Governing Board. We delayed a decision until February 2016.

IJP Editorial Board News - May/June 2015

The IJP Editorial Board will meet again in at the EAP meetings in Athens in June, 2015. The Editor's report that is being presented to the EAP AGM is available here. There will be more information from the meeting posted here soon.
One new bit of information (especially with reference to all the 'stuff' about Indexing below), is that PubMedCentral are currently looking at our application and this might eventually result in getting an "impact factor". We are also applying to another agency, Scopus. Either of these will be much 'better' than the people mentioned below, and (maybe) as good as (or not quite as good as) the Thompson Reuters Social Science Citation Index, and so we are still working towards an application with them. 
We are also developing new Editorial Policies and would welcome your views on these: please see bottom of "Ethos" page: here. We have also started collecting the "affiliations" of all our Editorial Board and International Advisory Board members, which are very impressive!
Otherwise, ever onwards and upwards!

IJP Editorial Board News - February 2015

The IJP Editorial Board met again in February 2015 in Vienna at the (new) SFU building in Freudplatz. One of our long-standing colleagues, Theodor Itten, no longer represents his organisation at EAP meetings and has therefore resigned from the IJP Editorial Board: we are very pleased to announce that he has accepted to be a member of the International Advisory Board.
We also reported (below) that we had started using a company called International Scientific Indexing (ISI) to get an impact factor. It increasingly appears that this was possibly a mistake, and that this company may be (at best) 'dubious' or there is even an external claim that it is 'fraudulent': we have therefore removed the relevant information about Impact Factors from the Home Page. Apologies! Mea Culpa! 
Here's a bit more information: whilst their figures seemed to be superficially OK, there were (i) (external) claims that this company might be 'dubious' or 'fraudulent'; (ii) they didn't seem to answer our questions about their data fully; and (iii) I didn't understand all their calculations. They gave us an Impact Factor of 2.251 for 2013; and 2.679 for 2014: apparently this is based on a total of 300 published (citable) articles and 807 citations over the last 10 years (IF = 2.69 ?): and, in any one year, they say they calculate the Impact Factor by A / B: where A = the number of citations in the previous 2 years, divided by B = the total number of "citable" articles published in those 2 years.
Therefore, for the 2013 figures, we apparently had 115 citations in 2011 and 127 citations in 2012: and, in 2011, we published a total of 29 "citable" articles, and in 2012, we published a total of 26 "citable" articles: but (115+127 = 242) / (29 + 26 = 55) does not equal 2.241, it equals 4.4;  For the 2014 figure; we have A [= 127 (2012) + 123 (2013)] divided by B [26 + 24 = 150 / 30] = 5, which again doesn't equal 2.679. Ah, well! No matter: we seem to be doing reasonably well, if their number of our citations is accurate. 

There is a much fuller Feb 2015 Editorial Report to the IJP Editorial Board and the EAP Governing Board here.

IJP Editorial Board News - October 2014

The Editorial Board met again in Vilnius, Lithuania (there was no July 2014 meeting) this October. We elected a new member to the Editorial Board, Dr Godehard Stadmüller (Switzerland) and we welcomed him. The July issue (Vol. 18, No. 2) had come out OK - albeit a little later than desired; and the November issue (Vol. 18, No. 3) was currently with the printers. The next issue - the 'Special Issue' on Existential Psychotherapy - looks very promising and we are currently working through the peer-review process.
There are still a few 'issues' about the IJP finances. On the EAP accounts for the AGM, it looks as if the Journal is losing about €7,000 p.a. but these figures are acknowledged (by the EAP Treasurer) to show a somewhat incomplete figure as the Journal revenues from the EAP Member Organisations - were shown in the Membership Income, not in the Journal Income figures. We also spent quite a lot on a new CMS system and on 'loading up' more back issues, which were shown in the IJP annual expenditure figures, whereas these amounts came out of our capital reserves. There is a good relationship with the EAP Treasurer and we are slowly sorting these issues out.
We are now having to put up subscriptions in 2015. They have not increased for 9-10 years (since 2005), whereas printing & postage costs have. The new subscriptions just reflect - more accurately - the costs of producing a Journal and we are also aiming to "break even" within a year or so.
We are also looking at ways to increase our circulation - particularly through the European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTI) maybe offering their trainees a special 2-year Subscription (renewable only once: i.e. for 4 years max). 
We have also managed to obtain an "impact factor" of 2.251 for 2013 - and (more recently) an "impact factor of 2.679 for 2014 from International Scientific Indexing (ISI). However, we would still much prefer to be included in the Thompson-Reuters Social Science Citation Index, so we will continue working on this process.
We also discussed some themed "collections" of previously published articles that we could package together and sell as PDF Downloads - and we are still considering the possibility of putting more 'stuff' on-line.

IJP Editorial Board News - February 2014

Some sad news and some good news: Joanne Graham Wilson, who has been representing the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (EFPP) at the EAP meetings for the last few years has come to the end of her tenure. She therefore cannot attend IJP Editorial Board meetings any longer. We have encouraged her to apply to the International Advisory Board (IAB), which she is willing to do, and to continue to help us with the translation of the Abstracts into French. Similarly, the IJP's founding Editor, Heward Wilkinson, is attending his last EAP meeting this February. He has represented UKCP and the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP), and has been a salwart member of the EAP Governing Board for many years - longer than most: so much so that he was made an Honorary Member of the EAP - to a standing ovation!. He has also agreed to join the International Advisory Board and continue to interact with us as eruditely as ever.
We have also not heard from another Editorial Board member for well over two years now: so we have had to drop her. However, we do have some new applicants applying to join - and we welcome any such applications. It has also now been clearly established that the IJP Editorial Board really is a proper sub-committee of the EAP Governing Board - a clarity that we have been wanting for 2 or more years, This is also now mentioned in the EAP Statutes: we have again submitted a budget for the EAP's next financial year, 2014-5.
The latest issue, Vol. 18, No. 1 (March 2014), is out on time and will be posted out to subscribers very soon. We are also beginning to consider new directions and possibilities: one of which is possibly to start developing an on-line edition of the Journal, as well as a printed version: but more about this later.

IJP Editorial Board News - October 2013

We have just revised the IJP website with a totally different Content Management System (CMS), which will make it much easier to alter website pages and also to upload back articles and issues. We have now uploaded our complete back-list of articles as PDF files (from 2005 owards). We have also added any 'hard copy' printed issues to the catalogue (where available) - see left-hand side-bar (see over there: Left-hand Column <<= ).
Our new Editorial Assistant, Marzena Rusanowska, is working very well, especially with reviewers, mainly from our International Advisory Board, getting articles refereed in good time for the next issue and we are aiming to get on to the Thompson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index within a couple of years. This means - at least - having all articles and book reviews 'blind' peer-reviewed twice, before revisions and resubmissions.
The November 2013 issue - Vol 17, No 3 - although printed on time - was (unfortunately) not available at the actual EAP meeting in mid-October, in Larnaca, Cyprus, and, whilst it should have been posted out to subscribers in November, much as usual, it was actually slightly delayed until December.
There is still a little 'controversy' as to the actual status of the IJP within the EAP; and the position of the IJP Editorial Board in relationship to the EAP Governing Board; but hopefully this will be finally sorted out in Vienna in February 2014.

IJP Editorial Board News - July 2013

We are now publishing between 500-550 copies per issue, 3 times p.a. - with additional copies of the Special Issues. All our articles are now blind-peer-reviewed (at least) twice as part of our long-term goal to obtain entry into the Social Sciences Citation Index and get an 'impact factor'. The new International Advisory Board is doing a great job, several are reviewing articles and others are promoting the Journal in many different ways. We are still looking at making publishing connections with major journal publishing houses (like Springer, Elsivier or Sage), but we are also quite content to stay as an independent journal for a little longer, even though it does mean more work and we also get to keep most of the money.
We are definitely considering a Special Issue on "Existential Psychotherapy" for February 2015, to coincide with their 1st World Congress in May 2015. Infortunately, it was too difficult to get substantial amounts of copies of the Journal to the 1st Eurasion Congress on Psychotherapy in Moscow this July, "Psychotherapy without Boundaries".
In order to cover the extra work involved in all of these activities, we are now considering using a psychotherapy graduate as an "intern" and see how this works.
We are firming up links with the EAP's National Awarding Organisations (NAOs) and European Wide Accrediting Organisations (EWAOs) and now hope to extend greater links and information to the 50 or so European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institutes (EAPTIs).
And - finally - whilst we have a link to a Facebook page (see to your right), we are also now considering links to a Linked-In Group, Twitter, Research Gate, etc. and entering into a fully 21st century involvement in "social media". Please watch this space!

IJP Editorial Board News - February 2013

We have now got 40 members in the new International Advisory Board and, whilst we may be open to a few more members, particularly from Asian, African or South American countries, we also need to consider the costs and ensuring that the present (new) members are all functioning properly. We have added a section on Book Reviews to the IJP website and all Book Reviews are available to be downloaded free-of-charge - from this section. We want to encourage new Book Review Editors in different countries to get and/or submit reviews of newly published books in their country - the publishers will send you a review copy - and then submit these reviews in the language of the country as well as in English. We are considering future special issues on "Humanistic Psychotherapy" and "Psychodynamic Psychotherapy".

IJP Editorial Board News - October 2012

Good News! A previous 'Special Issue' on R.D. Laing has being turned into a book, by the addition of an number of extra articles and with Theodor Itten and Courtenay Young as co-Editors. It was published by PCCS Books and launched at the EAP meeting in Edinburgh in Oct 2012, with a couple of Laing's daughters and some of the authors present. We trust it will be reviewed well and will sell well. More details can be found here. IJP will be getting a copyright fee for its already published articles and editorial work.
We continue to do well, generally, and the October issue came out on time and will now be dispatched, along with the remnants of the July issue (some of which got caught up in Spanish customs and were eventually returned to our printers in Lviv in late October). We apologise sincerely to those IJP subscribers left without their July issue for several months.
We will soon be putting up more back issues for download and sale, as we now have the complete set of issues and articles, back to Volume 9. Watch this space: or rather the "Back Issues" space (right-hand side-bar) for Volumes 13 and 14, and the "Recent Issues" link for Volume 15. All the articles and issues in these 3 volumes are up on the website and available as PDF downloads - €3.00 per article; €15.00 for a Full Issue.
We have also started to re-build the International Advisory Board (IAB) (see here) and hope soon to have the new IAB announced, up and running, and fully functioning in 2013. We are open to applications for new members of the IAB.

IJP Editorial Board News - July 2012

Our news, this year, is that we have continued producing the IJP, with a fairly normal issue in February/March (Vol. 16, No. 1) (made extra-ordinary by the great number of tributes about our dear colleague, Serge Ginger, which we printed as an Obituary and Tribute to his Life).
We have also produced another Special Issue (Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2012) on Roberto Assagioli and Psychosynthesis. After much work, many trials and tribulations, worries about length, difficulties with delivery from Lviv, and extra Italian customs duty & fees, the requisite number of extra copies arrived at a Psychosynthesis conference in Rome, on time. Congratulations to everyone concerned!
The good news is that these Special Issues (extra copies being sold, plus copyright fees, etc.) are providing quite a bit of extra income and increasing the profitability of the IJP; the bad news is that all this has meant a lot (really a lot) more extra work for myself (as Editor) and for the other Editors.
On the organisational front: we are still very interested in getting the Editorial Board to do more work, especially concerning the reviewing of articles. Politically, we are also asking the EAP Governing Board to accept the IJP Editorial Board as a proper 'standing' sub-committee of the EAP.
We have recently elected 3 new members to the Editorial Board: Alicja Heyda (Poland) in Feb 2012; Snezana Milenkovic (Serbia) & Vesna Petrovic (Serbia) in July 2012. We have also dropped some people from the Board as we have not heard from them for over 2 years.
We have started to re-build the International Advisory Board - and have had 3 or 4 applications which we considered favourably and appointed a couple. More on the relevant website page: here.
We further seem to be attracting the attention of some of the "big boys" - international journal publishing companies - who tell us that they would like to publish the IJP for us. Whilst this is very flattering, we are: (1) attracted by the prospect that we could utilise these publishing companies to help us get 'cited' (on the Thompson Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index) - a very desirable goal, and (2) we are somewhat concerned that we may also lose something of our independence (and our profits) by becoming so involved. We have therefore made no decision on this issue yet.
Finally, we are getting in an increasing number of articles to publish. We decided (at our meeting in Valencia) that we might consider an extra issue per annum - but this would probably have to be an internet e-journal issue, as the additional printing and postage costs would mean that the subscription price would have to increase, which is not the best strategy in these times of recession and financial difficulty. We would - therefore - be delighted for all the presenters at the XVIII European Congress of Psychotherapy "Psychotherapy: Improving Mental Health & Well-Being in Europe" to send us their conference presentation, written as a professional Journal article, either in English, or in both English and Spanish. And we will try and make this into our first on-line issue: which will be available via the IJP website, as a download, for free!
We are also very happy to consider new nominations to the IJP Editorial Board: however, it is a semi-necessary requirement and condition of acceptance that that person can commit to reasonably regular attendances at the IJP Editorial Board meetings, held mainly 3 times a year in conjunction with the regular EAP meetings. We occasionally also 'skype' in between. Please contact us.
ther types of involvement (like the International Advisory Board or Book Review Editors) are also possible - and suitable applications are very welcome.
So, we are looking for Book Review Editors in various countries and languages: you would need to be a psychotherapist and have reasonable English, as well as having expertise in the language of your country and knowledge of psychotherapy in your country. We would like such people to write to the psychotherapy publishers in their country for 'review copies' of any interesting new books about psychotherapy that they become aware of, and then to organise someone to write a review of that book (the reviewer usually gets to keep the book), or review it themselves. The review then needs to be translated into English and both reviews submitted, with a picture of the book cover and publishing details (ISBN, price, etc). The Journal will publish the review, both in the original language and in English. The Book Review Editor then sends a copy of the Journal with the review in it to the publisher.
We have probably found new Book Review Editors for UK, Germany, (possibly) Romania and Canada: we need ones particularly for America & Russia, France, as well as for several other countries and languages.
If you are interested, please contact us.

IJP Editorial Board News - October 2011

Our wonderful Editor for the last 7 years, Tom Ormay, has decided to step back a bit and Courtenay Young has been appointed as the new Editor by the EAP Board. Tom Ormay will continue to maintain the EAP Office in Budapest. For those who don't know, in 2005, Tom resurrected the IJP, and, with his gentle persistence and great experience, and a bit of help from Alexander Filz, Courtenay Young, Theodore Itten and others, the Journal has thrived ever since: we all appreciate him greatly and everyone is delighted that he will continue to be involved with the IJP's Administrative Office in Budapest. The previous IJP Editor, Heward Wilkinson (1996-2003), is also still involved. We make a good team!