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Vol 08, No 1: PDF Full Issue

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Volume 08, No 1, March 2003: Full Issue

Editorial: Heward Wilkinson
The autonomy of psychotherapy - Why psychotherapy can be subordinate neither to psychology nor psychiatry: Heward Wilkinson
Philosophy of science? Epistemological category errors in psychotherapy discourse: Petruska Clarkson 
The human being: J.L. Moreno's vision in psychodrama: Norbert Apter
Soul without skin, bones with no flesh: bodily aspects of the self in the treatment of women patients with restrictive anorexic eating patterns: Yorai Sella 
Depressed women in psychotherapy: the nature and persistence of change: Suzanna Lundblad
Review Article: 'Impossible meeting: too strange to each other for misunderstanding'. Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg's The Intimate Edge: Heward Wilkinson

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