Book Review Editors


How to become a Book Review Editor for the IJP

 - in a particular country and/or in a particular language.

We would really like to be able to extend our facility of publishing (more) psychotherapy book reviews, especially from different countries and in different languages (other than from USA & UK and in English).

If you are fortunate enough to live in a country, other than the USA or the UK - please consider yourself as a potential "Book Review Editor" for the IJP in your own country and/or for your mother-tongue language.

The main task - once you have been 'appointed' as the IJP Book Review Editor (for that country or for that language) - is to get hold of a steady supply of brand new psychotherapy books published in that country and/or that language. This is actually quite easy.

You can find out the names and website addresses of the main psychology book publishers in your country or language - if you don't know them already - by doing a 'Google' search. Got to their website and find the editorial e-mail address (or link for book reviews). Then just write some e-mails to these main psychology / psychotherapy book publishers in your country (and in your language, if not English), and ask them to send you "review copies" of  any of their new psychotherapy books ... specifically for reviewing in the International Journal of Psychotherapy. Publishers usually allocate a number of "review copies" of newly published books and are usually very happy to send these out, especially to someone in their country for publication in an "International Journal".

We publish psychotherapy book reviews, both in the language of origin (of the book), and also in English.

In order to become 'appointed' as an IJP Book Review Editor, you must have written several book reviews yourself, preferably also for us, and therfore be fairly familiar with the style and process of writing a psychhotherapy book review. You must also have some time and energy available, and be reasonably proficient and fluent - both in your native language, as well as in English. We will do a final English edit anyway. If you think you fit this description and would like to become involved in this process, please contact us:

You do not have to do all the book reviews yourself. We are sure that some of you will be able to 'farm out' some of these reviews of some of these books to some of your colleagues, students, interns, trainees or friends. Writing a book review is a particularly good practice exercise for psychology / psychotherapy students, trainees and interns, as they become more familiar with the new books, techniques and ideas in the field of psychotherapy, and they have you to supervise (help and/or advise) them in the writing of a good book review; they will also get themself published (possibly for the first time) - and, of course, they get to keep a brand new psychotherapy book - for free ! We will publish all these lovely book reviews both on our website and our readers and subscribers also get to read the reviews and so the publisher is happy as well: a genuine 'Dodo Bird' scenario where "Everyone can get prizes".

They (or you) can write the review (and we have guidelines and parameters); and then you need to check it - and (where necessary) ask for a little more of this or less of that - you are the Book Review Editor, after all ! - and then - if needs be - get the review translated translated into English, and then send it in to us; we will put the review through the normal referee process and then through the formatting process and then we publish it. The person who actually writes the review, gets to keep the book legitimately, once this review is published.

Publishers must be sent a copy of the review as soon as it is published. The reviewer will also want a copy. These can be PDF files, or we can send you a copy of that issue.

Examples of our most recent published book reviews are all available here (as free PDF downloads). We also have a new "Resource List" of newly published reviewed books here.

So, we would really like to expand this facility of international psychotherapy book reviews, with your particular help and expertise.Interested?