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An Orphaned Psychotherapy Problem in Need of Research Attention: Enticing Client-Therapist Interaction processes that may be harmful to Clients and Their Families: Brian P. O'Connor

This article describes possibly common, enticing, but ultimately maladaptive patterns of client-therapist interactions that may unwittingly occur when therapists never meet or observe, their clients' significant 'Others'.  As the therapeutic alliance develops in individual counselling, and as therapists learn
more about their clients' perception of their problems, interpersonal environments may appear increasingly dysfunctional and harmful.  Confrontations and estrangement from family members may ensue.  What is not known, nor is taken much into account, is the 'other' side of the story: how the client impacts on interpersonal dynamics with significant 'Others'.  Empirical research is required on this important - but often neglected - problem within psychotherapy.
Key Words: Psychotherapy, Counselling, Family Therapy, Interpersonal process, Client-Therapist Interactions.

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