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A Psycho-Tactile Approach to Trauma:  by Gerry Pyves

Abstract: In this article, the author reviews some of the very latest neuroscience regarding the impact of touch on the limbic brain. In particular, he explores the relationship between gentle soothing touch and the role it may now have in dissolving traumatic triggers in the Amygdala. Transactional Analysis theory is used to integrate this exciting new science into psychotherapy, through a case study and the consideration of the role of the Adult Ego State, Script Protocol, Physis and 3rd Degree Impasse in working with trauma. 

Key Words: Transactional Analysis, Massage & Bodywork, Neuroscience, Limbic Brain, Amygdala, Touch, AMPA receptors, Brain waves, Electrochemical, Trauma, Grief, Fight, Flight, Freeze, Child ego-state, Impasse, Psychotherapy, Psycho-Tactile, Adult Ego State, Script Protocol, 3rd Degree Impasse. 

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