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Why Transactional Analysis Works: Reasons for a Possible Explanation of Change in Psychotherapy: by Laura Bastianelli, Maria Theresa Tosi, Rosanna Goacometto, Cinza Messana & Davide Ceridono

Abstract: The article presents a possible explanation for the efficacy of Transactional Analysis (TA) oriented psychotherapy, throughout the current dialogue between TA methodology and the reconsolidation process, discovered by neuroscientists at the end of last century. This hypothesis can enrich the debate between psychotherapy models about the issue of the common yet specific factor of change, promoting the integration of psychotherapies. Furthermore, the shift in the definition of ego states according to the theory of schema operated by Social-Cognitive Transactional Analysis is offered as a solid theoretical base to develop clinical research lines capable to integrate the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, outcome and process studies, and verify the reconsolidation as specific ingredient of change hypothesis, for the benefit of clinicians, clients and trainees. 

Key Words: social-cognitive transactional analysis, memory reconsolidation, ego states, schema, clinical research. 

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