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Vol 22, No 2, Article 3: The Ethics of Vision in Psychotherapy: Otto Vevatne

Abstract: In psychotherapy research, it seems the most effective factors for positive results cannot be attributed to psychotherapy techniques. There seem to be many more factors that are more connected to the relationship between psychotherapist and patient. In this context, this article postulates that ethics are paramount because ethics are more important than techniques and are the main factor in achieving a positive result with the patient.
The article aims to examine the ethics of human relationships, based on Kierkegaard’s ethical discourses in The Concept of Anxiety and Works of Love. The article also aims to substantiate that, what Kierkegaard calls “works of love”, are an integral part of intimate relationships, and are - in many cases - the most essential part of the relationship between psychotherapist and patient. It makes the postulate that there is evidence to suggest that the relationship in itself has a more understandable healing effect.
Key Words: Kierkegaard, psychotherapy, ethics in psychotherapy, relationships.

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