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Vol 22, No 2, Article 2: The Relationship of Attachment Styles to Quad-Model Dimensions and Primary Capacities: Yildiz Öztan Ulusoy

Abstract: Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) depends on the belief that all people are actually good and have two basic capacities: loving and knowing. Quad Model Dimensions include concepts of family which individuals grow up in and experiences of individuals about these concepts. Positive psychotherapy argues about primary and secondary capacities which develop in individuals from early periods. Primary capacities consist of needs, relationships, and values which develops through interacting with others from birth. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of the attachment styles of people who are in the 20-24 age range and 25 and over and who have received higher education with their Quad Model Dimensions and ‘primary capacities’.
A total of 145 students, participated in the study: their average age was 25.5 years. In the study, a “Relationships Questionnaire” and Wiesbadens' Inventory of Positive Psychotherapy and Family Therapy (WIPPF) were used. In the data analysis, an independent group (t-test) and a Pearson correlation were used. When the relationship between the attachment styles of the university students and their ‘primary capacities’ were examined, the secure attachment style was determined to have a low-level relationship with the students’ ‘primary capacities’ in PTT: patience, time, relationship, hope and love and a medium-level relationship with trust. The findings of the research show that a regression can be built between attachment styles which develop in early age periods with primary capacities and Quad Model Dimensions. It is believed that findings are important in terms of helping individuals and effectiveness of therapeutic period.
Key Words: Attachment, Primary Capacities, Quad-Model Dimensions.

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