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Vol 22, No 1, Article 6, PDF

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Side Effects: A case illustration from a Mindfulness Based Existential Therapy (MBET) perspective: Jhoti Nanda

Abstract: This case illustration from an MBET perspective is a free flowing phenomenological enquiry into the lived experience of client. It values a human-to-human ‘I-Thou’ relationship, respecting client uniqueness, and difference between therapist and client, in which there is mutuality, openness, presence, and directness (Buber, 1947, 1958; Friedman, 2003). Mindful awareness of noticing contents of consciousness in the present, and letting go, facilitates 'bracketing' (Husserl, 1931/2002) seamlessly to create space in which to hear the client. MBET values attentive listening with heart (Kramer, 2007), tuning in to respond to the unique needs of each client. Interconnectedness of part and whole as one of its foundational principles, it recognises that change in any one area of person’s life can bring unforeseen changes in other parts. With several shared foundational principles between Mindfulness and Existential Therapy, MBET is an embodied integration of both practices within the being of the therapist (Nanda, 2010). In this case illustration mindfulness is both woven in seamlessly in therapy, as well as practiced formally.
Key Words: MBET, interrelatedness, uniqueness, human-to-human, openness, worlding, world-view

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