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Vol 21, No 3, Full Print Issue

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Editorial: Courtenay Young 
Letter: Seymour Hoffman
The Phenomenon of Depression: Existential Analysis and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue: Claudia Reitinger & Bernhard Schwaiger
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy on Feelings of Loneliness and Life Satisfaction among Drug-abusing Married Men: Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz & Nahid Hoseininezhad 
Euro-orphan-hood in Social Discourse: Is it really a problem for migrant families, especially those in which the parents often lack maturity? Agnieszka Krzysztof - Świderska
The Relationship of Attachment Styles to Quad-Model Dimensions and Primary Capacities: Yıldız Öztan Ulusoy
A Comparison of Learning Outcomes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Existential Therapy: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Anders Draeby Sørensen, Rosemary Lodge & Emmy Van Deurzen
‘A Search for Meaning’: Group Art Psychotherapy for Children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after a Natural Disaster: Elisabeth Ioannides 
Book Review 1: Existential Therapies: 2nd Edition: by Mick Cooper
Book Review 2: Prenatal development and Parents’ Lived Experiences: How early events shape our psychophysiology and relationships: by Ann Diamond Weinstein
Book Review 3: The Psychology of Babies: How relationships support development from birth to two: by Lynne Murray
Reviewed by John Rowan
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