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Vol 14, No 1: PDF Full Issue

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Vol. 14 No. 1, 2010, Full Issue: This is the PDF file for the full issue of Vol. 14, No. 1. - all 96 pages. 

It contains:
Editorial: Tom Ormay
2 Case Studies: 
ExtrIcating from Treatment Impasses via the use of a Consultant: Two Case Presentations: Seymour Hoffman & Esther Herman
Whiplash for the Mind: Humour in Therapeutic Conversation: G. Gandino, M. Vesco, S. Ramella Benna, & M. Prastaro
Practice Issues
Humour in Therapeutic & Forensic Relationships: Guglielmo Gulotta
Symptom, Conflict & Conflict-Resolution: The Application of Five Stages of Positive Psychotherapy in First Interview and Therapy:
Nossrat Peseschkian, Francois Biland & Theo Cope
Strange Changes In Psychotherapy: The Psychotherapeutic Process of Life Changes: Spiritual Emergence or a Soul Awakening?
Courtenay Young
Effective Factors in the Social Adjustment of Shahed and non-Shahed University Students:
Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred PritzGolrokh Ebadi Fard Azar & Abbasse Rahiminezhad
Professional Politics
The Bernese Resolution on Psychotherapy
Mother Tongue Articles
L’Umorismo Nella Relazione Di Aiuto Psicologica E Forense
Guglielmo Gulotta
Colpo Di Frusta Per La MenteL’umorismo nella conversazione terapeutica
G. Gandino, M. Vesco, S. Ramella Benna, & M. Prastaro

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