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The Relationship of Attachment Styles to Quad-Model Dimensions and Primary Capacities: Yıldız Öztan Ulusoy

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of the attachment styles of people who are “in the 20-24 age range” and “25 and over” and who have received higher education with their Quad-model dimensions and ‘primary capacities’.
A total of 145 students, participated in the study: their average age was 25.5 years. In the study, a “Relationships Questionnaire” and Wiesbadens’ Inventory of Positive Psychotherapy and Family Therapy (WIPPF) were used.
In the data analysis, an independent group (t-test) and a Pearson correlation were used. When the relationship between the attachment styles of the university students and their ‘primary capacities’ were examined, the secure attachment style was determined to have a low-level relationship with the students’ ‘primary capacities’ of: patience, time, relationship, hope and love and a medium-level relationship with trust.
According to the result of the multi-linear regression analysis, the secure attachment style can be said to have a low-level significant relationship with the primary capacities of relationship, trust, love and in order of significance level; relationship, trust and love are significant predictors of the secure attachment style.
Key Words: Attachment, Primary capacities, Quad Model Dimensions.

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