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The Phenomenon of Depression: Existential Analysis in Dialogue: Claudia Reitinger & Bernhard Schwaiger 

Abstract: Scientific exchange between different psychotherapeutic traditions is rare. This paper attempts to initiate a dialogue between Psychoanalysis and Existential Analysis with regard to depressive disorder. We apply a facile process diagram for comparing the two psychotherapy approaches. We find similarities concerning the descriptive levels but not with regard to the psychogenetic and psychodynamic constellations. This raises the question if there is a connection between the psychoanalytic ‘fundamental depressive conflict’ and the existentialanalytic' disturbance of feeling the fundamental value of life’. Answering this question requires the ability to translate these central concepts into either the terminology of Existential Analysis or Psychoanalysis. This translation is failing. Consequences are discussed.
Keywords: Depression, Existential Analysis, Psychoanalysis, Dialogue between therapeutic schools, value feeling.

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