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Creating a research culture in psychodrama – Networking and capacity building for research practitioners
Hannes Krall

Research in psychodrama is crucial for all areas of professional practice. No matter whether psychodrama is applied in education, adult training, social work, organisational counselling, community work, or psychotherapy with individuals or groups, research is vital for the quality and further development of psychodrama, both in theory and practice. Moreover, psychodrama needs a broader recognition from society, which is also grounded in high quality of practice and research.
   In this article, research in psychodrama is seen, not only as an individual endeavour, but also as an essential part of a professional culture, which has to be fostered in training and practice. Psychodrama also needs practitioners, who are interested in sharing about their practices and to engage as research practitioners in a collaborative research network, like in other psychotherapeutic modalities (e.g. Castonguay, 2011, p. 134). Apart from being a psychodrama director, the role as a researcher has to be developed and fostered, even though often a negative perception of research in psychotherapy is found (Felber & Margreiter, 2007; Widdowson, 2012).
Key Words: Psychodrama, practitioner research, research network

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