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Effectiveness of Psychodrama Therapy in Patients with Panic Disorders – Final Results
Galabina Tarashoeva, Petra Marinova-Djambazova & Hristo Kojuharov 

In the last 20 years psychodrama has become a popular method for psychological treatment in Bulgaria. However, there was no scientific evidence of its effectiveness in the Bulgarian public system for mental health care so far. Here, we present the results of an experimental interventional study of the effectiveness of Psychodrama for patients with panic disorders. Two psychodrama groups with patients (n = 20) with panic disorders were run consecutively, each in parallel with a control group with the same number of patients (n = 20) with panic disorder, receiving only pharmacotherapy.
   A team of 2 certified psychodramatists, directed the psychodrama groups for one 3-hour session weekly. Each group worked for 6 months (25 group sessions). Each of the patients – in the therapy group and in the control group – continued to receive their pharmacotherapy and regular treatment from their psychiatrist. All patients were evaluated with HAM-A, SAI-R and CORE-OM three times – baseline, on the 6th month, and on the 12th month (6 months after the end of the period of the group therapy). The results show that the patients receiving parallel treatment with psychodrama and pharmacotherapy achieved significantly greater reduction in their anxiety symptoms, increase in their spontaneity, and an improvement in their quality of life and social functioning, versus the patients receiving only pharmacotherapy.
Key words: psychodrama, spontaneity, anxiety, panic disorder


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