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Theory and Techniques of Jungian Psychodrama
Maurizio Gasseau and Leandra Perotta

Jungian psychodrama is an analytically-oriented group therapy, articulated with reference to J. L. Moreno’s important innovations and concepts in Psychodrama and to C. G. Jung's approach in Depth Psychology on dreams, collective unconscious and individuation.
   Jungian psychodrama is a work of imaginative psychology in which the conductor’s task is to gather and focus on the images which emerge from the stories of the group members: these may include memories, dreams and transgenerational scenes. 
   Jungian psychodrama is usually led by two Jungian analysts: one is the ‘conductor’ of the group and the other is the ‘narrator’ who reflects and amplifies the enactments after the final sharing. The narrator is the group’s self-reflective memory and the reflection is a narrative-based medicine, a story that holds and heals, identifies discrepancies and gives voice to that which is inexpressible.
Key Words: Jungian psychodrama, Collective Unconscious, Dreams, Narrative Reflection

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