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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Please Tell Me, Do I Feel at All


Abstract: This paper is an attempt to illuminate some situations, arising in the therapeutic setting, from the perspective of the relatively recent discovery of the mirror neuron system in humans and primates (Rizollati & Craighero, 2004) and the different states of brain activity that are induced as a result. This I will do by presenting a variety of vignettes from therapeutic encounters, most of them taking place in the nineteen seventies and eighties. This article is a majorly revised version of an original paper that was published in "Psykoterapi" [Psychotherapy], a journal of the "Riksföreningen PsykoterapiCentrum: RPC, [Swedish Association Psychotherapy Center], 2015, Vol 2, p. 6-7.
Key Words: Mirror neuron system, emotional contagion, affects, body language, counter transference, affecti e communication, empathy, models of brain functioning, language development  

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