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Volume 20 Number 3 July 2016

Editorial: Courtenay Young     

‘Positive psychotherapy’ according to Seligman and ‘Positive Psychotherapy’ according to Peseschkian: A Comparison: Ewa DobiaƂa & Peter Winkler 

A Single Meeting with Family Members of Adults in Individual Therapy: Seymour Hoffman & Frumi Gottlieb 

Neurobiological Processes and Contact Competences in the Addictive Experience: Giancarlo Pintus        

Supervisees’ assessing their supervisors: what to learn and how to see them: Juhani Antero Tiuraniemi 

Without Mamas and Papas: or a Group Session at the Heart of a Terrorist Attack: Ildiko Vincze 

Group Dynamics in Scapegoating: Tom A. Ormay

Book Review 1: "Emotions, Learning and the Brain: Exploring the Educational Implications of Affective Neuroscience" by Mary Helen Immordino-Yang. Reviewed by Lony Schiltz

Book Review 2: "The Mirror Crack’d: When good enough therapy goes wrong and other cautionary tales for humanistic practitioners" by Anne Kearns (Ed.). Reviewed by Cathy Lasher.

Book Review 3: "Neurofeedback In The Treatment Of Developmental Trauma: Calming the Fear-Driven Brain" by Sebern F. Fisher. Reviewed by Anne Colgan.           


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