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Neurobiological Processes and Contact Competencies in the Addictive Experience

Giancarlo Pintus


n the wake of the relationship between theory and practice of Gestalt therapy and the current level of neuro-scientific knowledge, the author delineates the connections between neurobiological processes in addiction and its traumatic emotions. The cortical and sub- cortical areas involved in the processes of addiction are deeply interconnected with those delegated to cognitive functions. These are the same areas activated in the primary attachment relationships, traumatized in addiction by the addictive experience power. There’s a functional link between the need for affiliation, support and vulnerability to addiction. The treatment of addiction becomes transformative if is able to accept and crown this membership intentionality in the organism-environment field. 
Key  Words:  Gestalt Therapy, addiction, contact boundary, trauma, attachment, neuro- biology. 


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