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Therapist Effects on Treatment Outcome in Psychotherapy: A Multilevel Modelling Analysis

Objectives: This study investigated specic and nonspecic therapeutic factors by focusing on therapist eects on treatment outcome.
Methods: Psychotherapists (n = 68) from 10 types of psychotherapy treating 237 patients in an effectiveness study were investigated with regard to their contribution to treatment outcome. Factor scores from a factor analysis of the change scores in all outcome measures were cluster analysed in order to generate clusters of dierently eective therapists.
Results: Two clusters of differently effective therapists emerged. A fixed effects model revealed a signicant impact of differential therapist effectiveness on treatment outcome. In addition to therapists’ dierential effectiveness, also nonspecic factors such as patients’ severity of psychological problems predicted treatment outcome signicantly. Treatment concepts did not impact therapists’ effectiveness.
Conclusions: The results of this study support the view that there are differently effective therapists, but that patient characteristics also contribute signicantly to the course of a psychotherapeutic treatment, independently of therapist.
Keywords: effects of psychotherapists; process-outcome research; treatment outcome in psychotherapy 


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