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Fred Flintstone and the Dinosaur: Metaphor and Metonymy in Psychoses

Krishner, (2015), sees ‘the translational metaphor... (as) an anachronistic conception of the psychoanalytic process...’ and ‘therapeutic action... the product of an inter-subjective relationship.’ I suggest, furthermore, that the ‘authority’ for some understandings which arise out of insight generated in shared dialogue by virtue of detail lies, in the rst instance, with the analysand. But, that most signicantly, it is the inter-subjective relationship that enables a new psychic territory, a new way of speaking. I write, therefore, as an analysand, as a ‘waking dreamer’, not as a psychoanalyst and, rather than consider neurosis, I examine in close detail (with reference to Lacan and Freud), not dreams, but some briey contextualized hallucinatory material and a very troubling single thought which occurred before the complete amnesia of a psychotic break. I show, by detailing the creative (metonymic and metaphoric) play of the signier, that it is, as Krishner implies, the patient who, by dint of known particularities, may also have a signicant hermeneutical1 role in the therapeutic encounter.
Keywords: Metaphor, metonymy, psychosis, signier, Lacan 

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