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Therapeutic Presence’ as embodied, relational ‘being’

The concept of therapeutic presence, most commonly associated with humanistic approaches, is increasingly being seen as an important therapeutic way of being across all modalities. As such, it is an important topic for integrative therapists to continue to explore and clarify. With this paper, I portray presence as embodied, relational being. A review of the literature to highlight seminal research and significant papers where authors have offered their own expert accounts, is followed by my own suggested trans-theoretical model of presence. I propose six dimensions of being present: being open; being human; being empathically attuned; being relationally focused; being reflexive; and being in the here-and-now. A final section engages critical discussion around the fluid dynamic nature of presence. The model remains work-in-progress, and I offer it in the hope of promoting further dialogue.
Key words: Presence, mindfulness, attunement, relational, embodied, being 

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