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A personal account of the use of metaphor to describe the eects and experience of breakdown

An attempt to visualise the normally unconscious, inner-world of self and experience in order to assess the deleterious eects of breakdown fails due to the incompatibility of the abstract and intangible inner world of self and experience and the outer-world’s concrete language available to describe it. In this situation, metaphor and metaphorically devised imagery create a temporary interface between the two disparate elds until the abstract world can be appropriately represented by concrete language thereby allowing it’s manifestation to conscious view, and entry into the eld of knowledge and, in the case of therapy, promoting understanding and healing. What begins in the personal encounter with breakdown and ‘analysis, however, ends in the recognition of the universal use of metaphor as an intermediate stage in the transmission of the yet un-worded abstract and intangible, into tangible and verbally transmittable language and knowledge.
Key Words: conscious, unconscious, metaphor, language, knowledge, healing. 

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