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Vol 18, No 2, Full Issue: PDF

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Editorial: Courtenay Young

The Return of the Therapeut (Part 2): R.D. Laing and the Genuine Psychotherapist Miles Groth5

Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices into Psychotherapy Training in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Programs in the United States Rebecca Kennedy, Helen Verdeli, Eleni Vousoura, Hilary Vidair, Marc J. Gameroff & Ruifan R. Zeng

Why Most Therapists Are Just Average (and How We Can Improve) Scott Miller, in an interview with Tony Rousmaniere

Pharmacology vs. Psychotherapy in the management of depression and anxiety disorders Asta Prajapati  

Positive Psychotherapy: Priorities and Problems Theo A. Cope 

The Truth Shall Set You Free: Saying an Honest “Goodbye” Before a Loved-one’s Death Richard G. Erskine 

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