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Vol 18, No 1, Full Issue: PDF

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Editorial: Courtenay Young

The Return of the Therapeut: R.D. Laing and the Genuine Psychotherapist (Part 2): Miles Groth

Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices into Psychotherapy Training in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Programs in the United States: Rebecca Kennedy, Helen Verdeli, Eleni Vousoura, Hilary Vidair, Marc J. Gameroff & Ruifan R. Zeng

Why Most Therapists Are Just Average (and How We Can Improve): Scott Miller, in an interview with Tony Rousmaniere

Pharmacology vs. Psychotherapy in the management of depression and anxiety disorders: Asta Prajaparti

Positive Psychotherapy: Priorities and Problems: Werner Kierski

The Truth Shall Set You Free: Saying an Honest “Goodbye” Before a Loved-one’s Death: Richard G. Erskine

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