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The Group and its leader: Dr. Zoran Duric

The text speaks about group experiences in Serbia in the years between 1995 and 2000. Our psychodrama work spontaneously brought into the focus of attention the attitude towards the leader either of a psychotherapy group or of a large social group. Small psychotherapy groups were powerfully influenced by the political events. Enclosed in our microcosm, we all of a sudden realized that our personal worlds and problems were in correlation with major social problems. Resonance between a large social group and a small psychotherapy group made energy pour from the large one into the small, imposing topics and relations. Differences began to disappear. Being devoured by the large group, small ones were facing the threat of complete identity loss, and individuality was jeopardized by growing fear. The question of intimacy came to the fore. Love, our last defence against the overwhelming brutality of dictatorship and societal decay, was jeopardized by devastating effects of fear, losses and forced partings. Not even the moments of intimacy could bring peace. Relationships began to crumble. People were separated by the war and or by fear of it, and that either led them into the uncertainty and loneliness of emigration, or directly threatened their lives in armed conflicts. It was a rabbit’s life, as our ancients used to call it – always in fear, always looking back over one’s shoulder, not knowing what tomorrow brings.
Key words: leader, group, resonance

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