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Psychotherapy and counselling: Jerzy Aleksandrowicz

The problem of psychotherapy and counselling – their differences and similarities – is nowadays strongly connected with the legal status of psychotherapy in the countries of European Union. The primary intent of this paper is to discuss the concepts of “psychotherapy” and “counselling” in the reference to social phenomena of healing, helping, interpersonal relationship and psychosocial influences on an individual’s mind in general. The definition proposed in this text reduces the concept of psychotherapy to the process of treatment based on psychosocial influences aimed at correcting disturbed functions, so it involves more of a medical perspective and knowledge of treatment. Psychosocial interventions having other aims, in this counselling and mobilizing non-specific treating factors, should be referred to as “psychosocial help” based more on humanistic (mainly psychological) knowledge and skills. Both can to be conducted by physicians as well as by other medical practitioners provided they receive specific supplementary education.
Key words: psychotherapy, counselling, psychosocial help, psychosocial influence, relationship

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