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The Power of Touch in Psychotherapy: Courtenay Young

The concept of touch in psychotherapy is not a new one, but, for a variety of reasons, has often been treated with a degree of caution, sometimes bordering on phobia. Psychotherapy itself has long held the view that the mind is paramount, the source of emotions and feelings, and thus the only proper focus of treatment. This view is increasingly untenable. “Talking” therapies, whilst more sophisticated than they were, still often miss out on a rich realm of possibilities by ignoring, or not considering, the potential of touch. This article therefore looks at the power of touch in psychotherapy, particularly as it applies to Body-Psychotherapy, but not exclusively, looking also as to why it is still not used in other psychotherapies, though there is no particular reason it should not be. A broad and in-depth view is taken of the topic and the field.

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