IJP Editorial Board News

IJP Editorial Board News - October, 2021:

It is difficult to know how much to say, or how little to send out, and how much or how little to keep in touch: so, my apologies if you are unable to attend our next IJP Editorial Board meeting (or unwilling to attend it - due only (of course)  to horrendous time zones).  We are contacting you again because one of our two face-to-face (Zoom) meetings per annum is coming up tomorrow morning (EU time).  
Issues to do with the Journal have been changing radically over the last few months and some of the more contentious issues have also settled down somewhat.  We produced our latest issue (Vol. 25, No. 2, Summer 2021) recently - and hopefully, you have had time to have a look at it. 
It was a fascinating ‘collaboration’ from 12 different Italian psychotherapists from different modalities all commenting on the first online session of a psychotherapist with her teenage client “Anna” - all due to Margherita Spagnuola Lobb’s (dare I say) editorial genius in putting it all together and then getting it all translated into English.  We topped this off with an additional commentary from one of our more enthusiastic authors and reviewers, Dan Anders Palmquist, from Sweden.  All in all, a very different offering from the usual potpourri of articles and book reviews, or from the series of ’Special Issues’, usually focussing on a particular modality, or field of work, or psychotherapy in a particular country.  
This brings me to an apology to our Russian colleagues, as we missed out an article on psychotherapy in Russia, which will now be published in the next issue (Vol. 25 No. 3, Autumn 2021) - out very soon.
We are also beginning to look at next steps of the IJP and also “succession planning” as I have been holding this role (as Editor) for about 10 years now, and I am increasing being present with evidence that I am not immortal.
There are plans for a new Special Issue about “Women in Psychotherapy” - hopefully, edited by one of our newer members, Susanne Vosmer; there are plans for compilations or ‘Special Collections’ of articles from different issues on similar themes; there is a need to get our DOIs sorted out and properly registered; there is still a need to get a ‘proper’ Impact Factor from some of these indexing databases; I would like to see more articles in their “mother tongue” as well as English; I would also like to restore the Abstracts in French, German, Russian … and maybe other languages, Spanish & Arabic, possibly; there are huge possibilities by opening up more to some sort of collaboration with China; and many other possible topics for discussion - brought by yourselves. 
If you, unfortunately, can’t attend (on 21st October, 2021) and have a burning issue, or a very cogent point or question, please send it in … as soon as possible.

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