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List of Articles in Back Issues: The Last 25 Years (1996-2021)

From 1996-2003, the International Journal of Psychotherapy was published by Carfax, which was then taken over by Routledge: Taylor & Francis. Since 2005, it has been published independently by the European Association of Psychotherapy. We recently obtained access to the PDF files of the early issues (Vols. 1 - 8) and all these articles and issues from 1996-2004 are now available via the Catalogue: so we now have the complete IJP archive available on PDF files.  We also have some printed copies of certain 'back issues' available from 2005: see the "Back Issues" page hereHowever, printed copies of these early back issues (and any out-of-stock printed back issues since then) are also available from PSC Ltd: here.

Volume 1, Number 1, June 1996
Forward: Aims and objectives of International Journal of Psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson & Alfred Pritz
Editorial: Psychotherapy at the Crossroads: Heward Wilkinson
The future of psychotherapy in Europe: Emmy van Deurzen-Smith
Critical issues confronting the profession of psychotherapy: now and into the new millennium: Carl Goldberg
Group leaders: charisma and possible dangers in religious congregations, political movements and psychotherapy schools: Raymond Battegay
From the ‘discomfort of civilisation’ to creative adjustment: the relationship between individual and community in psychotherapy in the third millennium: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Giovanni Salonia & Antonio Sichera
Testing a rational emotive behaviour therapy theory: the effects of rational beliefs, irrational beliefs, and their control or certainty contents on the functionality of inferences – II. In a personal context. Frank W. Bond & Windy Dryden
The politics of transformation / the transformation of politics: Andrew Samuels
True dialogue requires the appreciation of difference: Ken Evans
The structure and formation of national umbrella organisations in psychotherapy: Digby Tantum
20th century psychotherapy: a plea for methodically reading the human being: W. J. Maas 

Volume 2, Number 1, May 1997
Editorial: New wine and old wineskins: Heward Wilkinson
‘The sins of the fathers …’: human sacrifice and the inter- and trans-generational neurosis / psychosis: James S. Grotstein
Embodiment in the therapeutic relationship: main speech at the First Congress of the World Council of Psychotherapy, Vienna, 1-5 July 1996: David Boadella
Awakening sensibility: recovering motility: Psycho-phuysical synthesis at the foundations of body-psychotherapy: the 100-year legacy of Pierre Janet (1859-1947): David Boadella
Quasi-family: quasi-psychotherapy: 5 years of living together, black and white, in South Africa: Len Bloom
The healing context and efficacy in psychotherapy: psychotherapy and the placebo phenomenon: Tor-Johan Ekeland
Opening address by the EAP President to the 1st World Council of Psychotherapy Congress 1996: Riccardo Zerbetto
Developing a European Certificate of Psychotherapy: Emmy van Deurzen & Digby Tantum
Psychotherapy and Democracy: Michael Pokorny & Alexandra Fanning 

Volume 2, Number 2, November 1997
Editorial: Where the wild wind blows: Heward Wilkinson
A response to the challenges to ‘The sins of the fathers …”: James S. Grotstein
The Scale of Responses: Emotions and the mood in context: Hazel Guest & Ian Marshall
The lived experience of change in psychotherapy: client and therapist perspectives: G. Straker & R. Becker
Chautauqua Institution Lecture: the responsibilities of virtue: Carl Goldberg
Assessment of spiritual quests in clinical practice: Andrés G. Niño
Sophia-Analysis: therapeutic approach and anthropological sciences: Denis Chatelain
The state of psychotherapy in Moscow: Alexander Sosland

Volume 3, Number 1, March 1998
Editorial: Identity and diversity in psychotherapy – will too many fishes break the net? Heward Wilkinson
On love: 1: The myth: unveiling and essence: Michael Lukas Moeller
Essence and Ground: Towards the understanding of spirituality in psychotherapy: David Boadella
The alchemist’s nightmare: gold into lead – the annexation of psychotherapy in the UK: Denis Postle
Group psychotherapy in schizophrenic patients: M.M. Muchnik & E.M. Raizman 

Volume 3, Number 2, July 1998
Editorial: Survival, communication and excommunication in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Money and Psychotherapy: object, metaphor or dream: Jeremy Holmes
An integrative model for brief term intervention in the treatment of psychological trauma: G.T. Eagle
Phenomenological causality: and why we avoid examining the nature of causality in psychotherapy: a dialogue: Heward Wilkinson
Stereotypes of Psychotherapists: a content-analytical study of medical and psychology students: Kirsten von Sydow, Tanja Henning & Christian Reimer

Volume 3, Number 3, November 1998
Editorial: War and Peace and sheer Confusion: Heward Wilkinson
The indifference of psychoanalytic practice to social and moral responsibility: Carl Goldberg
Psychotherapy in the USA: a manual of standardized techniques or a therapeutic relationship? Richard G. Erskine
Linking: Its place in therapy: John Rowan
Clinical psychology, psychotherapy and mental health: contemporary issues and future dilemmas: Luis Botella
Alchemy, daydreams and fictions: psychotherapy in Britain today: Michael R. Pokorny
Psycho-sociological analysis as a basic tool for social change: Luigi De Marchi
The Sophia University of Rome and the European Union: Alfio Milazzo 

Volume 4, Number 1, March 1999
Editorial: Vision; hallucination; the nature and goals of change in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Being together in the therapeutic relationship in schizophrenia: Daniel Dorman & Catherine Penney
Anthropology, psychoanalysis, psychosis and the self: an interview with Paul Williams: Anthony Molino
Schizophrenic process: the emergence of consciousness in recent history and phenomenological causality: the significance for psychotherapy of Julian Jaynes: Heward Wilkinson
Change: What is at stake? Norbert Apter
Sophia-Analysis and the existential unconscious: Ombretta Ciapini Bonvecchi

Volume 4, Number 2, July 1999
Editorial: Psychotherapy, fascism and constitutional history: Heward Wilkinson
On harvesting diversities into a dynamic directedness: Thomas Slunecko
The dynamics of prejudice in central Europe: John T. Salvendy
Quality assurance in psychotherapy and counselling: Chahid Fourali
Successful psychotherapy of schizophrenia: patient and therapist look at a process: Daniel Dorman
Psychotherapy and the Law: Annabell Bell-Boulé
Therapeutic experience of ‘diversified task-oriented psychotherapy’ in Japan: Hisao Watanabe
Homosexuality and Paranoia: M.M. Muchnik & E.M. Raizman
Psychotherapy in Europe: Michel Meignant
Human rights and psychotherapy: Francois-Henri Briard
Response to Michael Pokorny: Denis Postle

Volume 4, Number 3, November 1999
Editorial: Doctrinal change in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Transference, politics and narcissism: David Boadella
Pluralism as scientific method in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Psychoanalysis and moral apathy: the case of the unpatriotic prostitute: Carl Goldberg

Volume 5, Number 1, March 2000
Editorial: Method in our madness, or madness in our method? The many faces of psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
A constructivist attempts to talk to the field: Geoff Heath
Supervising across difference: Judy Ryde
Meditation: concepts, effects and use in therapy: Alberto Perez-de-Albeniz & Jeremy Holmes
Post-modern forms of subjectivity: Marion Minerbo & Latife Yazigi

Volume 5, Number 2, July 2000
Editorial: To know or not to know: science, beliefs and values in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Research ethics: John Rowan
The scientific ‘what!’ of psychotherapy: psychotherapy is a craft, not a science! Courtenay Young & Michael Heller
The metaphysical and philosophical dilemmas of psychoanalysis: Carl Goldberg
Body Psychotherapy, trauma and the black woman client: Joanne Ablack
An inspired resurrection of Freudian drive theory: but does Nick Tooton’s Reichian ‘bodymind’ concept supersede Cartesian dualism? Heward Wilkinson
Psychodrama and the war: therapists’ dilemmas and challenges in work with an experiential-educational psychodrama group: Vladimir Milosevic 

Volume 5, Number 3, November 2000
Editorial: Psychotherapy as criticism; criticism as politics: Heward Wilkinson
Reconsidering communicative psychoanalysis: Piers Myers
The Self, the Field and the Either-Or: John Rowan
Will the real Freud please stand up? The distribution of power between the unconscious and the preconscious according to the ‘Traumdeutung’: Andries Gouwes
Diagnosis as care – diagnosis as politics: Andreas Wehowsky

Volume 6, Number 1, March 2001
Editorial: Taking stock in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
The ripples of knowledge and the boundaries of practice: the problem of evidence in psychotherapy research: Phil Barker
The profession of psychotherapy in an age of change: the UK experience: A. Mulhern
Remembering emotions experienced during psychotherapeutic treatment: Susanna Landblad, Sven-Ake Christiansson & Elizabeth Engleberg
Therapeutic discourse, co-construction, interpellation, role-induction psychotherapy as iatronic treatment modality?: Derek Hook
Autogenic analysis: the tool Freud was looking for: J.L.G. de Rivera
Book Reviews

Volume 6, Number 2, July 2001
Editorial: Regulation or Regimentation: the conditions for an autonomy-based psychotherapy profession: Heward Wilkinson
Influence and Moral Agency in Psychotherapy: Carl Goldberg
Bipolar Self: Body Psychotherapy, spirituality and bonding - searching for identity: Barbara Jakel
The psychotherapist's myths, dreams and realities: Richard G. Erskine
The Survey of European Psychotherapy Training
Book Reviews

Volume 6, Number 3, November 2001
Editorial: The fragility of identity, and the tenacity of the processes, in Psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Is there consciousness outside the Ego?: Kenneth Newman
Therapy as an alchemical process: John Rowan|
Shifting paradigms—psychotherapy, neuroscience, and a changing world: the Seventh Professional Conference of the UK Council for Psychotherapy: Aaron Balick

Volume 7, Number 1, March 2002
Editorial: The power and danger of pluralism in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Philosophy and psychotherapy: conflict or co-operation?: Geoff Heath
Retrieving a posthumous text-message; Nietzsche's fall: the significance of the disputed asylum writing, My Sister and I: Heward Wilkinson
A clinician's response to physical touch in the psychoanalytic setting: Ellen L.K. Toronto
Power, knowledge and resistance in therapy: exploring links between discourse and materiality: Michael Guilfoyle
The position of women in psychotherapy: Cornelia Krause-Girth 

Volume 7, Number 2, July 2002
Explaining Psychotherapy and Psychotherapeutic Explanation: Heward Wilkinson
Psychoanalysis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and the dialectics of self-examination: Carl Goldberg
Trauma and Disconnection: a trans-theoretical approach: G. Straker, D. Watson & T. Robinson
The Humorous Gaze: psychotherapy, the Internet and daily life: Rose Friedler
Reasons and psychological explanation: Digby Tantam

Volume 7, Number 3, November 2002
Pluralism and the basis of free will in psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
Does a theory of mind matter? The myth of totalitarian scientism: Geoff Heath
The psychodynamics of the ECF-Nexus: monasticism and psycho-speciation in Western Europe, ca. 500-1500 C.E.: Paul Ziolo
Imperatives and perspectives of psychotherapy integration: John Nuttall
The mortal storm: righteousness and compassion in moral conflict: Carl Goldberg

Volume 8, Number 1, March 2003
Editorial: Developments in the International Journal of Psychotherapy: Heward Wilkinson
The autonomy of psychotherapy--Why psychotherapy can be subordinate neither to psychology nor psychiatry: Heward Wilkinson
Philosophy of science? Epistemological category errors in psychotherapy discourse: Petruska Clarkson
The human being: J.L. Moreno's vision in psychodrama: Norbert Apter
Soul without skin, bones with no flesh: bodily aspects of the self in the treatment of women patients with restrictive anorexic eating patterns: Yorai Sella
Depressed women in psychotherapy: the nature and persistence of change: Suzanna Lundblad
Review Article: 'Impossible meeting: too strange to each other for misunderstanding', Darlene Bregman Ehrenberg's The Intimate Edge: Heward Wilkinson

Volume 8, Number 2,  July 2003
Editorial: Psychotherapy and its cultural base: Heward Wilkinson
Suffering and Personal Agency: Carl Goldberg and Virginia Crespo
Trauma post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the case of Vincent Van Gogh: Hanna Hyams
Gender and the Gaze: A cultural and psychological review: Alison M Heru
Music psychotherapy in groups with acute psychotic patients: Teresa Leite
The evolution of psychotherapy in Western Europe.  Serge Ginger
Female brains vs. male brains: Serge Ginger
Review Article: Psychoanalysis as finite, psychoanalysis as infinite? Psychoanalysis' religious potential: Heward Wilkinson

Volume 8, Number 3,  November 2003
Editorial: Endings, partings and new beginnings:  Heward Wilkinson
The adulterous minister: a clinical examination of moral responsibility: Carl Goldberg
Art Therapy as an approach for working with schizophrenic patients: Virginia Crespo
Psychotherapy and ‘ethical sensibility’: towards a history of criticism: Derek Hook
Psychotropic agents in psychotherapy - the subjective meaning of medication in different levels of self /object differentiation (neurosis, borderline, psychosis): L. Goetzmann, M. Holzapfer & A. Toygar
Psycho Organic Analysis: Richard Blaumer
Psychotherapy as a profession – the Italian model: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
Review Article: The Shadow of Freud: Is Daniel Stern still a psychoanalyst? The creative tension between the present and the past in psychoanalytic and existential psychotherapies in Daniel Stern’s The Present Moment and his humanistic-existential partners in dialogue: Heward Wilkinson

Volume 9, Number 1, March 2005
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Gender, Health & Psychotherapy – Arguments for psychotherapy that is gender-sensitive and health-promoting:
Cornelia Kraus-Girth
Psychotherapy and counselling: Jerzy Aleksandrowicz
Psychotherapia I poradnictwo (counselling): Jerzy Aleksandrowicz
Levels and phases in the group process: Peter Kutter
Connection between psychotherapeutic relationships, dreams and inner experience of gender identity in male clients: Sandra Stankovic
A case of hysterical impotence and anesthesia: Tom Ormay
The group and its leader: Dr Zoran Duric
The role of psychoanalytic treatment research in psychoanalytic training: Horst Kächele
Exploring whiteness, trauma and psychotherapy: Bernadette Hawkes

Volume 9, Number 2, July 2005
Editorial: Tom Ormay
The role of emotional trauma in Neurosis, part 1: Theory: Joaquin Sousa-Poza
Emotional Communication/Affective Interaction over the Group-Analytic Process: Mario David
A Communicaçäo Afectiva/Emocional no Processo Grupanalitico: Mario David
Psychotherapy of psychosis: group setting and communicative approach: R. Di Rubbo, E. Sogara, & S. Pallanti
Psicoterapia della psicosi: setting di gruppo e approccio communicativo: R. Di Rubbo, E. Sogara, & S. Pallanti
The Effect of Supervision in Active Psychotherapy training: Ivan O. Kirillov
The Ethics of Psychotherapy in Europe: Part 1: Courtenay Young

Volume 9, Number 3, November 2005
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Group and society in changing times: Janos Harmetta & Tom Ormay
Csoport és társadalom változó ikökben: Janos Harmetta & Tom Ormay
The Role of Emotional Trauma in Neurosis, part 2: Method of treatment: Joaquin Sousa-Poza
Psychodynamic Psychiatry: Theo Piegler
Psychodynamische Psychiatrie: Theo Piegler
The Ethics of Psychotherapy in Europe: Part 2: Courtenay Young

Volume 10, Number 1, March 2006
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Psychotherapy without ego: Towards a spiritual psychotherapy: Snezana Milenkovic
Dreaming to access the infinite: Thoughts and thinking that led to the discovery of the Social Dreaming Matrix: W. Gordon Lawrence
The Psychoanalytic Loss-Separation Model (LSM): Evolution of the reaction to breaks in the psychoanalytical process as an indicator of change: Juan Pablo Jiménez, Horst Kächele & Dan Pokorny
From the daydream Hero to the living reality with the help of Guided Affective Imagery: Helen Lytwyn
Vom tagtraumheldern zur lebendigen realität mit hilfe der katathym imaginativen psychotherapie (kip): Helene Lytwyn
The Dutch Case: J.M. Giel, Hutschmaekers, Cees P.F. van der Staak 

Volume 10, Number 2, July 2006: Special Issue: Psychotherapy and the Internet
Editorial: Tom Ormay
e-Learning and traditional “face-to-face” teaching: Digby Tantum, Chris Blackmore & Emmy van Deurzen
Distance and Intimacy in Internet Psychotherapy Training: Emmy van Deurzen, Chris Blackmore & Digby Tantum
The role of the e-Tutor: Chris Blackmore, Digby Tantum & Emmy van Deurzen
Working with commonality and difference in distance learning psychotherapy: Riccardo Zerbetto
Cybertherapy – Psychotherapy on the Internet: Tom Ormay
Positive aspects of disinhibiting processes in online training groups: Zbynek Vybiral, David Skorunka
Group dynamic factors in the Romanian e-learning students group in psychotherapy (SEPTIMUS project 2002-2004): Ileana Botezat-Antonescu
Psychotherapy in Albania – The impact of SEPTIMUS: Elisabeth Vykoukal
Breathing new life into the research of the soul – on the foundation of Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna: Alfred Pritz

Volume 10, Number 3, November 2006
Editorial: Tom Ormay
The Difference between God and the Self: re-viewing the unus mundus: John Kenneth Newman
The Triangular Space in an Analytic Group: The role of the father and the transference to the dialogue: Herzel Yogev
Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy: Part 1: Irén Acsai
Current Trends in Psychodrama: Adam Blatner
Working with Refugees, a Personal Experience: Shirin Amani Azar
A retrospective account of a former bulimic patient: Rita Hettinger & Horst Kächele
Towards the Statutory Registration of Psychotherapy in the UK: Lisa Wark, with Courtenay Young
Katathym Imaginatív Pszichoterápia : 1: Irén Acsai 
Taste It and See!: Theodore Itten

Volume 11, Number 1, March 2007
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Get Your Head Around The Thing Inside It: Peter Afford
All the lonely people, where do they all come from? Theodor Itten
Psychotherapy of suicide: an approach based on an evaluation of personality traits: Chobanu I.K., Valentik Y.V., Epifanova N.M.
A New Look at Love: Snezana Milenkovic
The Importance of Primary Non-Verbal Therapy Procedures in Psychodynamic Psychiatry:
G. Strehlow & Dr. Theo Piegler
Violation of Sexual Boundaries in Psychotherapy: Conceptual approaches and clinical findings: Andrey Kulikov
Taiwanese Female Volunteer Helpers’ Coping with the 9/21st Earthquake and Its Consequences: Yii-Nii Lin
Психотерапия Суицидентов:  Подход,  Основанный На  Оценке Личностных Особенностей: Chobanu I.K., Valentik Y.V., Epifanova N.M.
Die Bedeutung primär nichtsprachlicher Therapieverfahren in der psychodynamischen Psychiatrie: G. Strehlow & Dr. Theo Piegler

Volume 11, Number 2, July 2007
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Negative outcomes and destructive processes in psychoanalytic therapy: Horst Kächele
Psychotherapy in the Age of Globalisation: Nossrat Peseschkian
Interview with Professor Gerald M. Edelman: Questions by Theodor Itten
The Evolution of Psychotherapy in Europe: Serge Ginger
Loving with EMDR: Michel Meignant
Shrinking the Stereotype of Psychoanalysis: Jane Desmarais
Reflecting talks may have many versions: Tom Andersen
Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy: Part 2: case study & methodology: Irén Acsai
Aimer avec l’EMDR: Michel Meignant
Pánikbetegség kezelésében sikeresen alkalmazott Katathym Imaginatív Pszichoterápia – esettanulmány  II: Irén Acsai

Volume 11, Number 3, November 2007
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Mozart’s Magic Flute: An implicit psychological theory upon maturation: Jòzsef P. Vas
The Power of Touch in Psychotherapy: Courtenay Young
Three Ages of Psychoanalysis: Phillip R. Filatov
Understanding Black Issues in the Therapeutic process: Isha McKenzie-Mavinga
Essay on a Synthesis of Buddhism and Sophrology: Catherine Bodar de Tonnac
Humour as a Paradoxical Intervention in Psychotherapy: Snezana Milenkovic
EMDR: A response to Michel Meignant’s article “Loving with EMDR”: Telmo M. Baptista 

Volume 12, Number 1, March 2008
Editorial: Tom Ormay
The brain-energy-starvation (BES) syndrome: its complex diagnostics and treatment: Andrei Ermoshin
Psychoanalysis, Expulsion and Exclusion: Ljiljana Filipovič
Living the 'world knot': towards a reconciliation of brain, mind and the living environment: Anthony Korner
Emotions have a Nucleon that can be directly regulated by Tion-EMo Theory (TET): Raphael Navia
Neuro-Linguistic-Psychotherapy (NLPt) treatment can modulate the reaction in pollen allergic humans and their state of health: Klaus Witt
Several Steps From ‘Sad’ To ‘Cheerful’ in Gestalt Therapy: The Visualization of Engrams: Oksana Galchuck
Декілька Кроків Від Сумного До Веселого В Гештальт-Терапії Або Візуалізація Енграм: Оксана Гальчук 

Volume 12, Number 2, July 2008
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Humour and the Intersubjective Construction of Knowledge: Luca Casadio
Enriching Gestalt Therapy through EMDR: Serge Ginger
Humour & Health: Patch Adams

Re-Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System: A necessary pre-requisite to effective counselling & psychotherapy: Courtenay Young
Environmental Psychology and Home Visits in the Family Therapy of Eating Disorders:  Ferenc Túry, Marta Wildmann, Zsuzsa László, Andrea Dúll
Interview with Professor Victor Makarov, Moscow: Theodor Itten
The impact of group and individual cognitive-behavioural intervention on the mental health state of male prisoners: Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz & Saba Khodayarifard
Innovations in the Field: Dance Movement Psychotherapy in Scotland: Vicky Karkou
Enrichir la Gestalt-thérapie par l’EMDR: Serge Ginger 

Volume 12, Number 3, November 2009
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Irony and Psychotherapy: Anita Casadei & Antonella Giordani
Collapsing Frames: Humour & psychotherapy in a Batesonian perspective:  Paulo Betrando & Gabriella Gilli
Working with Disappointment and Offence by the Psycho-Catalytic Method: Andre Ermoshin
Surviving the Holocaust: Strategies used by survivors to cope with their memories: Pamela Griffiths
Solutions for Parents who Struggle: Joanna North
How psychological sport and play programs help youth manage adversity: A review of what we know and what we should research: Robert Henley, Ivo Schweizer, Francesco de Gara & Stefan Vetter
Radical Changes in Psychotherapy – the present Swiss scene: Peter Schulthuss & Theodore Itten
Body-Psychotherapy in Europe: EABP & EAP: Courtenay Young
The Madrid Milton Erickson Institute: Roxanna Erickson Klein

Volume 13, Number 1, March 2009
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Sexuality and Love in a Psychotherapeutic Setting: From the death of Oedipus to the emergence of af the situational field – A Gestalt Therapy development: Margharita Spagnuolo Lobb
The Emperor’s New Clothes … Of Psychotherapy: Snezana Milenkovic
Psychoanalysis, Expulsion and Exclusion: Ljiljana Filipovič
A ‘Space-Energetic‘ Paradigm in Psychotherapy: Andrei Ermoshin
Psychotherapy in European Public Mental Health Services: Horst Kächele & Saied Pirmoradi
Integrated Psychodynamic Therapy of Panic Disorder: A Case Study: Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz & Saba Khodayarifard
Impact of the first standard exercise of Autogenic Training and of coping with cognitive distortions on psychic and psychosomatic symptoms and on heart rate variability in a patient with major depression: A case study: Lytwyn H., Fitz, W. and Ebner, Ch.
Die Wirkung der ersten Übung des Autogenen Trainings der Schwereübung und die Auseinandersetzung mit stressauslösenden Kognitionen als Unterstützung zur Verbesserung des psychischen und körperlichen Befindens bei einer Major Depression: Falldarstellung: Lytwyn H., Fitz, W. and Ebner, Ch.

Volume 13, Number 2, July 2009: Special Issue: Different Approaches to Depression
Editorial: Theodor Itten
Three Pillars of Positive Psychotherapy: About Depression in Different Cultures: Nossrat Peseschkian
Person-Centered and Experiential Therapy of Depression: Detlev Haimerl, Jobst Kinks & Hans-Jürgen Luderer
A Constructivist Approach to Depression: Peggy Dalton
Depression and Body Psychotherapy: Laura Steckler & Courtenay Young
Post-Natal Depression and the Implicit Client – an Inclusive Approach: Ronen Stilman
In praise and honour of silence: Bruce Scott
Obituary: A memory of Alexander Lowen and a reflection on Bioenergetic Analysis: Nicoletta Cinotti 

Volume 13, Number 3, November 2009
The Core Principles of Psychotherapy: Alexander Filz & Courtenay Young
The Validation of Psychoanalysis: Nicolás Caparrós
Do Research Competencies have specific features? Result of a pilot study: Bien Filet & Gábor Szönyi
Comparative Analysis of a Patient’s Dreams in Freudian & Jungian Treatment: Christoph Fischer & Horst Kächele
The Neuropsychology of Psychotherapy: Recent findings from the “Hard Sciences” and the implications for psychotherapists: Tim Dunne
Is CBT Enough? A Case History: Courtenay Young, with Elisa Kazim
The Legend of EMDR (La Legende de l’EMDR): English transcript of a film by Michel Meignant
La validación del psicoanálisis: Nicolás Caparrós 

Volume 14, Number 1, March 2010
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Extricating From Treatment Impasses Via Use Of A Consultant: Two Case Presentations: Seymour Hoffman & Esther Herman
Whiplash For The Mind: Humour in therapeutic conversation: G.M. Vesco, S. Ramella Benna, & M. Prastaro
Colpo Di Frusta Per La Mente: L’umorismo nella conversazione terapeutica: G. Gandino, M. Vesco, S. Ramella Benna, & M. Prastaro
Strange Changes In Psychotherapy: The Psychotherapeutic Process of Life Changes, Spiritual Emergence or a Soul Awakening?: Courtenay Young
Symptom, Conflict &Conflict-Resolution: The Application of Five Stages of Positive Psychotherapy in First Interview and Treatment: Demonstration of Cases in Five Stages: Nossrat Peseschkian, Francois Biland & Theo Cope
Effective Factors In Social Adjustment Of Shahed And Non-Shahed University Students: Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz & Golrokh Ebadi Fard Azar
Humour In Therapeutic & Forensic Relationships: Guglielmo Gulotta
L’umorismo Nella Relazione Di Auitopsicologica E Forense: Guglielmo Gulotta
The Bernese Declaration On Psychotherapy: Swiss Charta for Psychotherapy & DGPTW German Association for Psychotherapy Science. (in German and in English)

Volume 14, Number 2, July 2010
Editorial: Tom Ormay
The Use of Psychotherapy in Situations of Reconciliation: An integrative contribution to the use of psychotherapeutic skills in the process of reconciliation: Yvonne McKnight
Specific Phobia Treatment Through Cognitive-Behavioural Family Therapy: A Case Study: Mohammad Khodayarifard, James McClenon, Alfred Pritz & Akram Parand
The Motivational Strategies of a Person: Galina Katolyk & Olena Shtepa
Humorous Experiences Of A Clinical Psychologist: Seymour Hoffman
Effectiveness of Body-Mind Therapy Of Cancer Patients Receiving Chemical Treatment: Dr. Irit Peleg, Dr. Joseph Brenner, Dr. Moti Shimonov, Ofra Ravinda, Dafna Karata Shwartz, & Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar
The Art of Art Psychotherapy: The power of the image in integrative art psychotherapy: Snežana Milenković 

Volume 14, Number 3, November 2010
Editorial: Tom Ormay
Psychiatry and The Limits Of Dualism: Benjamin Sünkel-Laing
Meanings of Happiness And Psychotherapy: Snežana Milenković
Fundamental Reflections on Psychotherapy Research & Initial Results of the Naturalistic Psychotherapy Study on Outpatient Treatment in Switzerland (Pap-S): Volker Tschuschke, Aureliano Crameri, Margit Koemeda, Peter Schultess, Agnes Von Wyl & Rainer Weber
Psychotherapieforschung – Grundlegende Überlegungen Und Erste Ergebnisse Der Naturalistischen Psychotherapie-Studie Ambulanter Behandlungen In Der Schweiz (Pap-S): Volker Tschuschke, Aureliano Crameri, Margit Koemeda, Peter Schulthess, Agnes von Wyl, Rainer Weber
A Phenomenological Model in the Practice of Psychotherapy: Courtenay Young
Unique Intervention In Dealing With Resistance: Case Study: Seymour Hoffman & Estee Herman
Psychotherapy In Poland: Czeslaw Czabala
About Positive Psychotherapy
In Memoriam: Prof. Dr. med Nossrat Peseschkian

Volume 15, Number 1, March 2011
Editorial: Tom Ormay
The European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP) and the training of psychotherapists: Serge Ginger
The Range of Modalities and Meta-perspectives: The tactical dilemma: Heward Wilkinson
Twenty Different Definitions of Psychotherapy: Courtenay Young
“By the riverbank, I await you”: Applying coaching skills to support patients facing death: Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar & Ziki Ben-Shahar
Trans-Natal Tandem Hypnotherapy (TTH): A new method for resolving pre-natal traumas: P. Jószef Vas & Néomi Császár
Psychodrama and the treatment of women victims of human trafficking: Research report: Maria Koleva
Kosovo Assoiatyion for Psychotherapy: Mental health & psychotherapy in Kosovo: Jusuf Ulai

Volume 15, Number 2, July 2011: Special Issue on R.D. Laing: So years after “The Divided Self”
Editorial: Tom Ormay
 “Variations on My Theme”: An interview with R.D. Laing: Hanspeter Gschwend
The Liberating Sham of Kingsley Hall: Francis Huxley
More than 50 years after: Lain, Sartre and the Other: Ljiljana Filipovic
R.D. Laing and long-stay patients: Discrepant accounts if the refractory ward and “rumpus room” at Gartnaval Royal Hospital: David Abrahamson
Soteria – A different approach to mental health: Voyce Hendrix
From “The Divided Self” to “The Voice of Experience”: Theodor Itten
The impact of the ideas of R.D. Laing on UK psychology students from 1960s to the 21st Century: Brian Evans
Personal Recollections of R.D. Laing: Emmy van Deurzen
Sanity, madness & memory: R.D. Lain and the post-modern: Ron Roberts
Tales from the Boiling Pot: Psychotherapy training & initiation: Bruce Scott
Re-turning, Remembering and Re-viewing: Ronnie Laing and “Me”: Leon Redler
Demystifying Madness: R.D. Laing and “Hatred of the Unlived Life”: Brent Potter
R.D. Laing (1927-1989): A Biography: Theodor Itten
Ronald David Laing (1927-1989): Quotations: Collated by Courtenay Young

Volume 15, Number 3, November 2011
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The Biological Correlates of Emotions: Godehard Stadtmüller & Jeffrey A. Gordon
Assimilation and Meaning Construction in Psychotherapy: David D. Neto, Telmo M. Baptista & Kim Dent-Brown
Multipersonal Tandem Hypnotherapy (MTH): A new method of resolving Intergenerational traumas: P. József Vas & Noémi Császár
The Social Person: Tom Ormay
Transference at Work: Samuele Filomena
Advice for Young Psychotherapists: Peter Olsson
Reflections in Working in an Ultra-Orthodox Mental Health Clinic: Seymour Hoffmann
Mother Tongue Article (in Hebrew): התרשמויות מעבודה במרכז חרדי לבריאות הנפש: חווה בן שלום שניאור הופמן

Volume 16, Number 1, March 2012
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Return of the Strategic Therapist: Gareth Evans
The Use of Distancing, Avoidance and Focusing on the Object of Defences in the Borderline Disorder of Self – A Mastersonian Approach: Loray Daws
About the Intrinsic Suicidal Effects if Neuroleptics: Towards breaking the taboo and fighting therapeutic recklessness: Peter Lehman
The Thing We’re Taking Home With Us: Understanding therapist’s self-care in trauma work: Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar & Hada Elad
Serge Ginger: His Work and a Tribute to his Life
The Barcelona Declaration
The R. D. Laing controversy continues

Volume 16: Number 2: July 2012: Special Issue: Roberto Assagioli & Psychosynthesis
Editorial: Tan Nguyen
Roberto Assagioli: A Bright Star: Masimo Rosselli
Psychosynthesis: A Way of Openness: Tan Nguyen
The Numinous Psyche: A spiritual tension in Jung and Assagioli?: Chris Robertson
Psychosynthesis and Recovery from Addictions: Bonney & Richard Schaub
The Call of Self in Chronic Illness: Dorothy Firman
Psychosynthesis and Psychotic Suffering: Alberto Alberti
From Corporate Stress to Inner Balance: the Manager’s Search for Fulfilment: Joanne Graham-Wilson
Psychosynthesis in Coping with Cancer & Dying: Kristina Brode-Thies
Perspectives on the Training Journey: Keith Silvester
Conclusion: Tan Nguyen
Bibliography of Psychosynthesis & EFPP and AAP Centres

Volume 16, Number 3, November 2012
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The role of embodied awareness in mindfulness and Bioenergetics: Nicoletta Cinotti
Il Ruolo della Consapevolezza Corporea tra Mindfulness E Bionergetica: Nicoletta Cinotti
Operationalisation of Countertransference in Positive Psychotherapy: Maksim Goncharo
Relations of Resilience and Personal Meaning with Vicarious Traumatization in Psychotherapists: Jelena Želeskov-Đorić, Vladimir Hedrih & Predrag Đorić  
An integrative psychotherapeutic model for the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia: Oana-Maria Popescu
On the Definition of Psychotherapy and Its Methodological Grounding: Alexander Filz & Oksana Lyzak
The struggle for legal recognition of the education of psychotherapy and an autonomous psychotherapy profession in Europe: Alfred Pritz
Love – a lost magical ingredient of effective psychotherapy: Urszula Wojciechowska Jaworska
Miłość – zaginiony, magiczny, składnik skutecznej psychoterapii: Urszula Wojciechowska Jaworska
Book Reviews

Volume 17, Number 1, February 2013
Editorial: Courtenay Young
An integrative psychotherapeutic model for the treatment of paranoid schizophrenia: Oana-Maria Popescu
Visiting Andrew Salter: An old wine in a new bottle: Uri Wernik
A theoretical and clinical review of various countertransference algorithms found in treating the Borderline disorder of Self – The Masterson Tradition (Part 2): Loray Daws
Can Positive Psychotherapy meet the Basic Principles of Effectiveness as outlined by Dr. Grawe? Reappraised: Shridhar Sharma
A Case Study of Cognitive-behaviour Therapy in Iran: Treatment of Sexual Masochism along with Co-morbid Disorders in a Collectivist Society: Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz, Sepideh M. Alavi & Yasamin Abedini
Positive Psychology And Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy Used For Working With Dysfunctional Families: Barbara Gojzewska
Psychologia Pozytywna I Neurolingwistyczna Psychoterapia W Pracy Z Rodzinami Dysfunkcyjnymi: Barbara Gojzewska
On Psychotherapy Supervision Competencies in an International Perspective: A Short Report: C. Edward Watkins
Book Reviews 

Volume 17, Number 2, July 2013
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The social mandate of psychotherapy in media representation: a text analysis of the Italian press: Andrea Caputo
Therapeutic Communities for Psychosis in Europe: Samuele Filomena
Psychotherapist effectiveness and professional competence not affected by their graduate studies profile – preliminary results: Milena Karlińska-Nehrebecka, Alicja Heyda, Andrzej Nehrebecki, Dagmara Kuczynska-Ginko & Stanisława Kufel
Brak wpływu studiów psychoterapeuty na jego skuteczność i kompetencje zawodowe – wstępne wyniki badan:́ Milena Karlińska-Nehrebecka, Alicja Heyda, Andrzej Nehrebecki, Dagmara Kuczynska-Ginko & Stanisława Kufel
The EAP Project to Establish the Professional Competencies of a European Psychotherapist: Courtenay Young with Traudl Szyszkowitz, Renée Oudijk, Peter Schultess & Ansis Stabingis
Psychological Suffering: What is illness?: An interview with Alfred Pritz
What Matters in Psychotherapy Supervision? Some Crucial Features of International Import: C. Edward Watkins, Jr.
What can psychotherapy do? Psychotherapy paradigms and sexual orientation: Tom Warnecke
Book Reviews

Volume 17, Number 3, November 2013
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Alexithymia and Emotional Processing as Phenomena Pertinent to all Theoretical Orientations: Ana Nunes Da Silva, António Branco Vasco & Jeanne C. Watson
Patients’ Need and Psychotherapy Integration: Francesco Pagnini, Susanna Vanini & Maria Clotilde Gislon
The Last of the ‘Sin Eaters’: Psychodynamic reflections on the ‘Burning Mouth’ Syndrome: Loray Daws
Why do we fail to adapt to a different culture? A development of a therapeutic approach: Anna Huysse-Gaytandjieva & Ivanka Bontcheva
Reflections about the perception of therapeutic environment in clients and therapists: the importance of the 5th session: Luísa Soares, Marina Serra Lemos, Filipa Oliveira, Carla Vale Lucas & Liliana Roque
Metaphors and Metaphors: Teresa Garcia-Sanchez
Complexes and Schemas: A comparison of the concepts of Analytical Psychology based on work of C.G. Jung and the Schema Therapy of Jeffery Young: Isabelle Meier
Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis’ View of Psychotherapy: Seymour Hoffman and Benni Feldman
Book Reviews

Volume 18, Number 1, March 2014
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The Return of the Therapeut: The Genuine Psychotherapist (Part 1): Miles Groth
Orientation to happiness, life satisfaction, quality of life and need for psychotherapy in college students: Vesna Petrovic
Flooding and Desensitization in Treating OCD: A Case Study: Seymour Hoffman & Frumi Gotlieb
“Heroic Clients & Masterful Therapists”: The Meeting of Client-directed, Outcome-Informed Therapy and NLP ‘Change Work’: Gareth Evans
Bonding Psychotherapy: an effective group psychotherapy method to improve dysfunctional attachment styles: Martien Kooyman, Rob J.B. Olij & Rob A. Storm
A comparison of the systems of training and accreditation of psychotherapists in Germany and the United Kingdom: Werner Kierski
Cognitive-Behavioural Analysis and Treatment of ‘Unresolved Oedipal Conflicts’: Terence Dowdall
Book Reviews

Volume 18, Number 2, July 2014
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The Return of the Therapeut: Part 2: R.D. Laing & the Genuine Psychotherapist: Miles Groth 
Incorporating evidence-based practices into psychotherapy training in Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs in the United States: Rebecca Kennedy, Helen Verdeli, Eleni Vousoura, Hilary Vidair, Marc J. Gameroff & Ruifan R. Zeng
Why most psychotherapists are just average (and how we can improve): Scott Miller, in an interview with Tony Rousmaniere 
Pharmacology vs. Psychotherapy in the management of depression and anxiety disorders: Asta Prajapati 
Positive Psychotherapy: Priorities and problems: Theo A. Cope
The truth shall set you free: Saying an "Honest Goodbye" before a loved-one's death: Richard G. Erskine

Volume 18, Number 3, November 2014
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The World of Language: Tom Ormay
Primary and Secondary Capacities in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Patients in terms of Positive Psychotherapy: Ebru Sinici, Túgba Sari & Özgür Maden
The Mosaic Being: How to create harmony within our multiplicity: Vincent Claussens
An Anatomy of Psycho-Trauma: Pain, Illness and Recovery: Arman N. Begoyan
Saying an Honest “Goodbye”: Part 2: Three case histories: Richard G. Erskine
he Possible Harmful ‘Side-Effects’ of Psychotherapy: Courtenay Young
Book Reviews

Volume 19, Number 1, March 2015: A Special Issue on Existential Therapy
Introduction & Editorial: Emmy van Deurzen & Simon du Plock, Courtenay Young
The Historical Development and Future of Existential Therapy: Simon du Plock & Emmy van Deurzen
Existential Therapy: The Emergence of a Relational Tradition: Roger Frie
Why St Theresia Disagreed with Martin Heidegger, and Why it Matters to Psychotherapy: Digby Tantam
The Role of Existential Philosophy and Existential Psychology for Existential Therapy: Bo Jacobsen
What Connects Psychic Suffering to Existential Ontology? Alice Holzhey-Kunz
Existential Therapies: A review of scientific studies and their underlying philosophies: Joël Voss, Mick Cooper, Edgar Correia & Meghan Craig
In the Spirit of Play: Applied Existential Psychotherapy: Betty Cannon & Reed Lindberg
Awakening to an Awe-Based Psychology: Existential Deepening East & West: Kirk J. Schneider
The Power of Logotherapy and the Need to Develop Existential Analytical Psychotherapy: Alfried Längle
What is the Living Body in Existential Therapy? Greg Madison
A Brief Review of the History of Existential Psychotherapy in Latin America: Yaqui A. Martínez & Susana Signorelli
The Existential Approach in Group Psychotherapy: Rimantas Kociunas
Existential Psychotherapy & Logotherapy Societies, Centres and Training Institutes: Compiled by Edgar Correia
Information about Existential Psychotherapy Centres

Volume 19, Number 2, July 2015
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Growth Oriented Therapy in the Treatment of a Child with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Krishnanand Choudhary and Richa
Reflections of a Psychology Intern in 'Participant-Supervision': Sivan Shragay & Seymour Hoffman
Features about Actualising Psychological Resourcesfulness of Psychology Students by the Method of Self-Analysis: Olena Shtepa
The management of transference neurosis in Davanloo's Intensive Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy: Catherine Hickey
Review of "Models of Madness: Psychological, Social and Biological Approaches to Psychosis (2nd Ed.) by John Read & Jacqui Dillon (Eds.): Courtenay Young & Theodore Itten
Book Review

Volume 19, Number 3, Nov 2015
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy and Hypnosis in the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome: A Case Report: David Kraft
A 'Balance Model' for Patients with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Ebru Sinici
The Real Relationship in Psychotherapy Supervision: A Trans-theoretical Common Factor: Clifton Edward Watkins, Jr.
Existential Psychotherapy: the historical development and current practice, especially with reference to its usage in African countriesAnthony Kwabena Nkyi
Dr Kenneth Evans: An Obituary and Tributes
5 Book Reviews

Volume 20, Number 1, March 2016
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Development and Evaluation of Adherence Questionnaires for Gestalt Psychotherapy, Relational Transactional Analysis, and Integrative Psychotherapy: A preliminary investigation: Biljana van Rijn & Ciara Wild
Specific and Pace Variability of Therapists' Interventions under Naturalistic Conditions: Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Aureliano Crameri, Peter Schulthess, Agnes von Wyl & Volker Tuschuschke
Internet Usage and Depression: Implcations for the Development and Implementation of E-Mental Health- Programs: C. Eichenberger, J. Aden, E Brähler, O. Decker & Y. Stöbel-Richter
In Defence of the Use of Manipulation in Psychotherapy: Seymour Hoffman
Cognitive-Behavioural Family Therapy of the Adolescent Depression (A Case Study): Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz & Ali Mohammad Goodarzi
6 Book Reviews

Volume 20, Number 2, July 2016
Editorial: Courtenay Young
A personal account of the use of metaphor to describe the effects and experience of breakdown: Rose M. Ennik
Fred Flintstone and the Dinosaur: Metaphor and Metonymy in Psychoses: 'Jenny Watson'
Psychosynthesis and Child Psychotherapy: A case study:
Martin Kolev
Extending the 'Empty-Chair' Technique to Couples Therapy: Rosalba Raffagnino & Riccardo Zerbetto
Therapist ~Effects on Treatment Outcome in Psychotherapy: A multi-level modelling analysis: Jessica Berglar, Aureliano Crameri, Agnes von Wyl, Margit Komeda-Lutz, Miriam Köhler, Pia Staczan, Peter Schultz & Volker Techuschk
'Therapeutic Presence' as embodied, relational 'being': Linda Finlay
3 Book Reviews

Volume 20, Number 3, November 2016
Editorial: Courtenay Young
'Positive Psychotherapy' according to Seligman and 'Positive Psychotherapy' according to Peseschkian: A Comparison: Ewa Dobliala & Peter Winkler
A Single Meeting with Family Members of Adults in Individual Therapy: Seymour Hoffman & Frumi Gottlieb
Neurobiological Processes and Contact Competencies in the Addictive Experience: Giancarlo Pintus
Supervisees' assessing their supervisors: what to learn and how to see them: Juhani Antero Tiuraniemi
Without Mamas and Papas: or a Group Session at the Heart of a Terrorist Attack: Ildiko Vincze
Group Dynamics in Scapegoating: Tom A. Ormay
3 Book Reviews

Volume 21, Number 1, March 2017
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Please Tell Me, Do I Feel at All? Dan Anders Palmquist
Primary and Secondary Capacities of First Grade Nursing Students in the Context of Positive Psychotherapy: Ebru Sinici
Music Psychotherapy with Borderline Adolescents: Investigating the Stages of the Therapeutic Process: Lony Schultz
Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality: An On-Going Special Issue
1.  Editorial to Special Issue: Courtenay Young
2.  The Austrian Ministry of Health 2014: Guidelines for psychotherapists on the differentiation between psychotherapy and esoteric, spiritual and religious methods.
3.  Psychotherapy should be distinguished from Transpersonal Psychology and Esotericism: Peter Schulthess
4.  Boundaries to the Transpersonal: A response to Peter Schulthess: David Boadella

Volume 21, Number 2, June 2017: A Special Issue on Psychodrama Psychotherapy
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Editorial to this Special Issue: Michael Wieser, Judith Teszáry, Nikos Takis, Diane Adderley
A Letter from the EAP President: Celia Scanlon
An Introduction to Psychodrama: Marcia Karp
Catharsis in Psychodrama revisited through a Psychoanalytic Lens: Nikos Takis & Zinovia Vassiliadi
A Psychodrama Strategy for Conflictual Interpersonal Relationships: Theory & Practice: Leni M.F. Verhofstadt-Denève
Theory and Techniques of Jungian Psychodrama: Maurizio Gasseau & Leandra Perotta
Effectiveness of Psychodrama Therapy in Patients with Panic Disorders – Final Results: Galabina Tarashoeva, Petra Marinova-Djambazova & Hristo Kojuharov
Creating a Research Culture in Psychodrama: Networking and capacity building for research practitioners: Hannes Krall
Psychodrama with Psychosomatic Patients: Judith Teszáry
‘Psychodrama is Our Safe Place’: Psychodrama Group Therapy with Children and Training in the Method in the Gaza Strip: Stefan Flegelskamp & Agnes Dudler
The Moreno Museum: A long and fascinating history: René Marineau
Book Review

Volume 21, Number 3, November 2017
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The Phenomenon of Depression: Existential Analysis and Psychoanalysis in Dialogue: Claudia Reitinger & Bernhard Schwaiger
The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Group Therapy on Feelings of Loneliness and Life Satisfaction among Drug-abusing Married Men: Mohammad Khodayarifard, Alfred Pritz & Nahid Hoseininezhad
Euro-orphan-hood in Social Discourse: Is it really a problem for migrant families, especially those in which the parents often lack maturity? Agnieszka Krzysztof-Swiderska
The Relationship of Attachment Styles to Quad-Model Dimensions and Primary Capacities: Anders Draeby Sørensen, Rosemary Lodge & Emmy van Deurzen
‘A Search for Meaning’: Group Art Psychotherapy for Children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after a Natural Disaster: Elisabeth Ioannides
3 Book Reviews

Volume 22, Number 1, March 2018
Editorial: Courtenay Young
On Creating a “Virtual Miracle” in Couples Therapy: Two Case Examples: Leslie Margolin
When ‘Holding’ Makes Sense: Therapy for delusions and hallucinations: Claudia Morrow
The Central Role of Attention in Psychotherapy: Paul B. Whittemore
Schema Therapy for Pervasive and Chronic Life Problems: A Hermeneutic Single-Case Efficacy Design Study: I. Volkan Gülüm, Gonca Soygüt & Ece Ataman
Self-Forgiveness Therapy and Clients’ Changes in Perceived Responsibility: Marilyn A. Cornish
Side Effects: A case illustration from a Mindfulness-Based Existential Therapy (MBET) perspective: Jhoti Nanda
5 Book Reviews

Volume 22, Number 2, July 2018
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Quantum Healing – A Super-Placebo? A randomised controlled study in patients with affectcive problems: Manuela Pietza, Harald Walach & Stefan Schnidt
The Relationship of Attachment Styles to Quad-Model Dimensions and Primary Capacities: Yildiz Öztan Ulusoy
The Ethics of Vision in Psychotherapy: Otto Vevatne
Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality: An On-Going Special Issue: Part Two
5.  Editorial to Part 2: Courtenay Young
6.  Briefing Paper for Esoteric Working Group: Courtenay Young
7.  EAP Guideline on the issue of Psychotherapy and Religion, Spiritual Practices and Esoteric Methods
8.  Addressing Spiritual & Religious Issues in Counselling & Psychotherapy: William West
9.  A New Anatomy of Spirituality: Andrew Samuels
3 Book Reviews

Volume 22, Number 3, November 2018
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Modelling the Relationships between Client-rated Alliances and outcomes in a Naturalistic Setting: Helene Ybrandt
An Orphaned Psychotherapy Problem in Need of Research Attention: Enticing client-therapist interaction processes that may be harmful to clients and their families: Brian P. O’Connor
The Profession of Psychotherapy in Albania: The current state: Roksana Poci
Towards a Differentiated Understanding of Treatment Outcome in Psychotherapy: A qualitative-quantitative multiple single-case study: Volker Tschuschke, Agnes von Wyl, Aureliano Crameri, Margit Koemeda-Lutz & Peter Schulthess
The Supervisee’s Internal Supervisor Representative: Their role in stimulating psychotherapist’s development: C. Edward Watkins, Jr.
Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) using Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy: An ethno-phenomenological case series: Paul Keenan, Derek, Lynn Keenan & Claire Ingham
3 Book Reviews

Volume 23, Number 1, March 2019
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Letters to/from the Editor
The Correlation between Plastic Surgery and Self-esteem in Iranian Females: Seyed Mahdi Mousavi, with Mojgan Beitaneh & Maryam Didehdar Ardebil
Effectiveness of Psycho-education and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Students with Symptoms of Depression and Low Adaptability Skills: Josevy Avena-Taguibao
What Do They Really Think? A qualitative study of group CBT and group information and support for depressed adults: Lucy Moore, Alan Carr, James McFadden, Greg O’Sullivan & Ellen Butler
Hypnotherapy for the Combination of Sleepwalking and Sleep Terrors in an Adult: A case report: Hannu Lauerma
Clinical Outcomes in the routine evaluation of psychotherapy given by trainees: Effects on clients’ inter-personal problems and psychological symptoms: Helen Ybrandt, Kristina Berglund, Catharina Strid, Marie Kivi & Jens Knutsson
What is Psycho-Organic Analysis? A description of the therapeutic space between body and psyche: Marc Tocquet
3 Book Reviews

Volume 23, Number 2, July 2019
Editorial: A “New Look for the IJP”: Courtenay Young
From Repeated Impingement to Cumulative Trauma: A psychodynamic approach to the development of obsessional thinking – in some cases: John O’Connor
Dependent Personality Disorder (DPD) & Treatment Response to Psychodynamic Therapy vs. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: A case study: Rami Abukamil & Shibany P. Taormina
Gestalt Therapy for Love Addiction: Rosalba Raffagnino & Riccardo Zerbetto
Effectiveness of CBT for Perceived Stress, Burden and Coping, among Caregivers of Individuals with Thalassaemia: Iram Mahmood & Dr. Urooj Sadiqui
“Thinking Outside the Box”: An unconventional intervention: Avromi Deutch & Seymour Hoffman
“Psychotherapy Vs. Spirituality”: Special On-Going Issue: Part 3
10. Transpersonal Psychotherapy as a Science: Pier Luigi Lattuada
11. Criteria for Science-Based Psychotherapy and the Emancipatory Aspects of its Secular Spirituality: Mario Schlegel
12. What is a Spiritual Psychotherapist: Courtenay Young
4 Book Reviews

Volume 23, Number 3, November 2019: A Special Issue on Transactional Analysis
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Editorial for this Special Issue: Biljana van Rijn & William Cornell
Why Transactional Analysis Works: Reasons for a Possible Explanation of Change in Psychotherapy: Laura Bastianelli, Maria Teresa Tosi, Rosanna Giacometto, Cinzia Messana & Davide Ceridono
Psychological Games in the Consulting Room: Jo Stuthridge & Charlotte Sills
Relational Group Process: Developments in a Transactional Analysis Model of Group Psychotherapy: Richard G. Erskine
Working with Groups in TA: An integrative approach: William Cornell
A Psycho-Tactile Approach to Trauma: Gerry Pyves
Using Transactional Analysis to Treat Perinatal Mental Illness: Emma Hayes
Single-Case Design Review and Meta-Analysis for Supporting the Method of Transactional Analysis towards Recognition as an Empirically Supported Treatment for Depression: Enrico Benelli & Mariavittoria Zanchetta

Volume 24, Number 1, March 2020
Editorial: Courtenay Young
EAP Interim Advice for Conducting Psychotherapy Online: Adrian M. Rhodes
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing with Body-Oriented Interventions within the Field of Adoption: Translating Neuroscience into a Case Study: Katrien Vanfraussen, Edward Campforts & Lindita Imeraj
How to Become a More Reflective Practitioner / Researcher: Courtenay Young
Notes on Empathy vs Confrontation in Psychological Treatment: Seymour Hoffman
The Problem of Parallel Process: Wild Analysis in Psychological Supervision: C. Edward Watkins, Jr.
Initiating Practice-Related Research: Report on a EAP Conference, Feb. 2020, SFU Vienna
Can "Psychotherapeutic Methods, Procedures and Techniques" be Patented, and/or Copyrighted, and/or Trademarked: An IJP Position Paper
1 Book Review

Volume 24, Number 2, July 2020
Editorial: Courtenay Young
'Can't Sing, Won't Sing': Singing and the Sense of Self across the Life Span: Anne Colgan
Psychotherapy & Religion: Towards a Phenomenology of Change: Part 1: Paul J. Whittemore
Psychotherapy & Religion: Towards a Phenomenology of Change: Part 2: Paul J. Whittemore
The Effects of Multicultural Discussion and Supervisory Working Alliance on Perceived Counseling Competence: A Brief Report: Jarice N. Carr, Patricia L. Kaminski, Nina Calmenson & C. Edward Watkins, Jr.
Contact and Relational-needs in Couple Therapy: An Integrated Psychotherapy Perspective: Richard J. Erskine & Janet P. Moursund
CoVid-19 Lockdown Questionnaire
3 Book Reviews

Volume 24, Number 3, November 2020: A Special Issue on "Gestalt Therapy"
Editorial: "Yet Another Special Issue": Courtenay Young
Gestalt Therapy: Relational Developments and Research: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb & Peter Schulthess
The Relational Turn of Gestalt Therapy Clinical Practice: From the ""empty chair" to the "dance of reciprocity" in the field: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb
Political Implications of Gestalt Therapy: Peter Schulthess
Gestalt Psychotherapy Research: Philip Brownell
The Time-Frame, Single-Case Study: Pablo Herrara, Illia Mstibovskyi, Jan Roubal & Philip Brownell
"Geshita Liaofa" in the People's Republic of China: 'Hurly-Burly' in the 'Here-and-Now': Annette Hillers-Chen & Yang-Ying
Educational System and Studying Gestalt Therapy in Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazahstan: Kirill Khlomov
The Relational Approach to Psychosis: Rezeda Ravilevna Popova
Inheritors of Lake Cowichan: A History of the Birth of Gestalt Therapy Research in Canada: Excerpts from an interview with Les Greenberg: Jay Tropianskaia & Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

Volume 25, Number 1, Spring 2012
Editorial: Courtenay Young
The Existential Therapeutic Competencies Framework: Development and preliminary validation: Joel Vos
A Pragmatic Framework for the Suprtvision of Psychotherapy Trainees: Part 1: Directive Guidance: James C. Overholser
"Procrustean" and "Eclectic" Schools of Psychotherapy: Seymour Hoffman
Using Imagery Work to treat 'Appearance-Concerns' in an adolescent female: A case study: Carol Valinejad & Emma Parish
European Association of Psychotherapy Position Paper on the Nature and Policy Applications of Psychotherapy Research: Peter Schulthess
EAP Statement on the Legal Position of Psychotherapy in Europe: Patricia Hunt, Eugenius Laurinaitis & Courtenay Young
In Memoriam: Mony Elkaïm
Interview with Mony Elkaïm: Ramona Covrig

Volume 25, Number 2, Summer 2021
Editorial: Courtenay Young
Introduction: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Paolo Migone & Maria Luisa Manca
Transcript of the First Online Session with 'Anna', a 13-year-old girl
Commentaries on the First Online session with 'Anna' from Twelve Different Psychotherapeutic Approaches:
1.  An Uncanny Encounter with the 'Thing': Livia Agresti
2.  Anna and the Revalation: Fabio Bassoli
3.  "Lucia's Grace": Marco Bernardini
4.  Anna's Ghost: Francesco Canevelli
5.  Anna and the Fear of Serenity: Lorenzo Cionini
6.  Anna and the Figure of a Hanged Man: Antonello d'Elia & Anna Mascellani
7.  Anna, her Parts and the World: Lapo Felicioni
8.  The Aesthetics of Contact with Anna and the Dance of Reciprocity between Therapist & Patient: Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb & Silvia Tosi
9.  Anna and her 'Shadow': Marcello Mannella
10. Commentary on the Case of Anna: Paolo Migone
11. A Brief Strategic Approach to the Case of Anna: Anna Rizzutti & Valeria Verrastro
12. Anna and the Manifestation of the Unspeakable from an Archetypal-Gestalt Standpoint: Riccardo Zerbetto & Paola Dei
Follow-up Commentary by the Psychotherapist
"Rite de Passage" or how to help a struggling pre-adolescent by means of psychotherapy: Some afterthoughts on the project: Dan Anders Palmquist
1 Book Review

Volume 25, Number 3, Winter 2021
Editorial: Courtenay Young
A Comparison of Process Oriented Psychotherapy with Person-Centred Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, ANalytical Psychotherapy, Brief Psychodynamic Therapy, Gestalt Therapy and Milan Systemic Family Therapy: Padrig Cotter
Building Trust: Clinical Process in Forensic Psychotherapy: Sanja Stojadinovic
Why We Should Embrace Positivism in Group Analysis: Susanne Vismer 
A Pragmatic Framework for the Supervision of Psychotherapy: Part 2: Supportive Alliance: James C. Overholser
Psychotherapy in Russia: The past, the present and the future: Victor V. Makarov
On-going Special Issue about "Psychotherapy vs. Spirituality": Part 5
Treating Spiritual Issues in Secular Psychotherapy: Daniel A. Helminiak
In Memoriam: David Boadella

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